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Your wireless router could be murdering your houseplants

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This was posted as a link by CaptainKnatch in his  grow journal - http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7800-first-journal-4-kings-kush-indoor-1x1x18m-tent-400w-hps/


I thought it an interesting read so have posted it here.


Are you slowly killing your houseplants? Probably! But there might be a reason (other than neglect) why they’re all yellow and wilty: your Wi-Fi router.

An experiment by a handful of high school students in Denmark has sparked some serious international interest in the scientific community.

Five ninth-grade girls at Hjallerup School in North Jutland, Denmark, noticed they had trouble concentrating after sleeping with their mobile phones at their bedsides. They tried to figure out why. The school obviously doesn’t have the equipment to test human brain waves, so the girls decided to do a more rudimentary experiment.

They placed six trays of garden cress seeds next to Wi-Fi routers that emitted roughly the same microwave radiation as a mobile phone. Then they placed six more trays of seeds in a separate room without routers. The girls controlled both environments for room temperature, sunlight and water. 

After 12 days, they found the garden cress seeds in the routerless room had exploded into bushy greenery, while the seeds next to the Wi-Fi routers were brown, shriveled, and even mutated. See for yourself:


Teacher Kim Horsevad told the Daily Dot that her students did the test twice with the same results. She was quick to point out that while the students did the experiment to test only one variable to the best of their ability, it is a high school experiment and this isn’t a professional study. 

“Some of the local debate has been whether the effects were due the cress seeds drying up because of heat from the computers or Access Points used in the experiment, which is a suggestion I can thoroughly refute,” Horsevad said. “The pupils were painstakingly careful in keeping the conditions for both groups similar. The cress seeds in both groups were kept sufficiently moist during the whole experiment, and the temperature were controlled thermostatically. The computers were placed so that the heat would not affect the seeds, which was verified by temperature measurements. Still, there may be confounders which neither the pupils or I have been aware of, but I cannot imagine what they would be.”

She said the results are clearly dramatic and could trigger additional research. Two scientists, neuroscience professor Olle Johanssen at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy at the Imperial College in London, have both expressed an interest in the experiment and may repeat it in a professional lab environment. 


From left: Lea Nielsen, Mathilde Nielsen, Signe Nielsen, Sisse Coltau and Rikke Holm.

Perhaps coolest of all, the students were awarded for their work at the Danish national science


copied and pasted from the daily dot - http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/wireless-router-wi-fi-plants/




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YES! They are murdering US, not only houseplants. It is a curse to be hypersensitive to electro smog of different kinds as I am, but so I know that these WiFi routers are instruments of horror. Worse than 10 mobile phones directly pointed to your head.  While the public made a big noise about mobile phones and there microwave output is reduced and controlled now, nobody controls these WiFi items. Sometimes the output is more than 36000 times above the limit.

Disable the wireless function and use a wire instead, especially when children are in the house.

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Hmm i cant really belive that Story..

As Intressting it is it just doest look tested right for me.

I mean they say they tested in 2 rooms one without Wlan and one with if those two rooms are in the same building the whole thing is not valid, if its in separated locations did they use the exact same Water ?

For me this test has a lot to much uncovered variables, plus in my Hous and in my growrooms i had in my life allway everything possible was Wireless and i never had a problem wih any plant.

I had a basilikum growing even right next to my wlan router in the kitchen ^^

But im just a very practical person so maybe im just not onjective :P wouldent want all those wires again hehe


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Kids thinking about enviromental issues is an important thing, because once you become an adult many people stop thinking about it so much.


When what we want becomes  more important than what we need, we lose sight of what is important.


Only by losing what we need ie. our health, it is often to late to turn the clock back and we wish we had taken care of our health, rather than just ignoring it because we preoccupied by what we wanted.


These days the internet is in some way part of most peoples lives, we are constantly in wifi hot spots in cities, but does anyone know what it is doing to us?


Sometimes it just takes a bunch of school kids who have a real concern for the world around us to start the ball rolling.


A concern about wifi radiation turned in to a school project, which in turn has raised the question about wifi safety to a higher tier of academia.


Now a Doctor & a neuroscience proffesor have shown an interest in recreating the experiment in lab conditions, which may lead to further indepth resaerch.


In the future the school science lab experiment that these girls started may prove beneficial to all of us, the question is why is it not mandatory for products that give out microwave radiation to be tested and certified safe for the health of humans, thier pets and even other living organism such as plants.


In conclusion the experiment may not hold a lot of water right now, but it has raised a serious question about microwave radiation in our daily lives and how it may affect the health of those around us.


I tip my hat to the girls and wish them all the best in thier future projects.





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I fully believe they harm plants. I read this study about a month or so ago. I had got a wifi about 8 months ago and in that 8 months I had all kinds of problems. My Internet got shut off about 2 months ago and all my plants look 100 times better

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I mean they say they tested in 2 rooms one without Wlan and one with if those two rooms are in the same building the whole thing is not valid, if its in separated locations did they use the exact same Water ?#







I can not see your point at all.

According to my experioence the microwave output of these WiFi weapons diminishes sharply when you move them away from you, like mobile phones. The point with this WiFi stuff is, that they are able to increase their output tremendously without non-sensitive people realizing it. I always had the feeling they are inhibiting the production of certain neuro transmitters



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Nice post lams and cheers to CaptainKnatch for the original. There is a local group here in Canada that has been protesting the use of wireless routers in grade schools for this sort of reasoning - the group claims that they cause a variety of ailments and health problems particularly in younger children. It makes sense that plants also could be affected. I agree with you, cheers to the young minds of this world ready to challenge the things we take for granted as "safe and healthy". 

A little different but similar note - I have always played music for my plants during their lights on period with the idea being that plants in the wild are susceptible to sound vibrations of the wilderness and while they don't of course understand words, music is a pleasant vibration. Call me crazy but I think it helps even if just a little, I would be soooo lonely if I was a plant with nothing to listen too but fans all day! There have been a few studies on this that I've seen..I know you've suggested to save useful info to a file before lams :) but this was before that when I was a total newb ;)

"When what we want becomes  more important than what we need, we lose sight of what is important."

Quote of the year brother, seriously.

:biggrin:  :biggrin: Gotta add..STAFF and a MOD!!!   :biggrin:  :biggrin:  Congratulations!! The forum will definitely benefit from your knowledge and passion for the plant.


PEACE  :bye:

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yeah i use to play music to my plants too, i've had quite a few readings about this few years ago, i think ther emight even be a thread about it still on the forum, i've seen some intresting studies on tomatoes etc.. so it can not hurt them anyways why wouldn't we do it ;)

And for Lams hihi he has been mod for almost a year now ;)

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Thanks for your kind words smokey  :) ,due to a family member being diagnosed with terminal cancer  and having spent some time in hospital myself with a bad leg infection,which took some time to heal after I left hospital.

I was being  given opiates intrvenously whilst in hospital and was given what looked like a massive goody bag of coedine (they tried to give me something heavier but I said no) and other bits and pieces.

When I got home I didn't take the opiates, insted I smoked weed :D My leg still hurt , just not as bad. So due to life and such I have been AWOL for somewhile, so it iwas easy to miss a  change in my membership status.


I was listening to the radio and there was a bit about plants and music apparently they don't like Cliff Ritchard but do like Black Sabbath lol.

I haven't personally played music to my plants, but I think they can hear what I am Playing and I would hope that we are on the same wave length, well they haven't complained yet. ;)


Funny you mention a thread on the forun Dust, I went and had a look and found a thread started by you , forgetfull lion :) link - http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/1037-what-about-vibrations-effect-on-plants/page-2?hl=music


I see If I can find any interesting bits and pieces on the interweb, if I do I'll be sure to post it here.


Peace and groovy vibrations


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