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Happy New Year From Colorado!

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Hey guys just joined the community but have been something of a pot aficionado for the past 7 years. Started out smoking young and now that it's legal here in CO for recreational use, im going to try to expand my growing skills.  Ill be showing you guys some pics from my garden, which the harvest was supposed to  coincide with the start of legalization here in CO, it is arriving at Peak window harvest here in a week or two. Ive taken clones from the main Bubbah Kush clone i got from my friend with 100% success. Im starting small of course, one main plant, pre flowered her, than cloned her 1 week into flowering. So i have 2 F3 clones growing, one to be used as  mother for clones and the other for budding. The clone i got from my friend is budding now and has just started showing its red hairs. Its nothing fancy or a huge crop, but it is my crop and im proud of it. Using 150 Watt HPS Light Ballast with 16000 Lumens. Also using 2x 60 watt CFL bulbs as side lighting. The clones are done rooting and are doing very well in the HPS lamp light. 

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Hey man welcoem on SH forum!


Happy new year to you, and congratulation on the beginning of the recreationnal use in CO :) I hope this will go as goos as expected and show to the rest of the world that it is not something to be concerned about as long as it stays reasonable.

I will loook forward to see your little grow, don't worry about the size, we ain't here to show who's got the biggest ;) only here to enjoy and help if we can!


What bubbaKush is it? the GHS version?

Have a good discovering of the place, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problem on the forum

Have a good day

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