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Full Info:

Strain: Bubba Kush

Height: 19.5 inches

age: approx. 5-6 months ,5 weeks into flowering.

Lighting: 1x 150 HPS Ballast and bulb. 2x 60 watt CFL lights for side lighting

Grow Medium: Soil

Difficulty Growing This Strain: Medium to Hard. 

Aroma: Pine Oily and Sweet Bubblegum come to mind. With a hint of dank coffee grinds but sweeter.

Taste: Ill get back to you on that in 2 weeks :P


Here's a little back story. I use to grow a few years back but haven't in a while. I'm from Colorado, United States, where weed just became legal for recreational use. January 1st 2014. LEGAL, NOT DECRIMINALIZED, LEGAL for recreational use. So i bought a clone from a friend. He said very specifically it was bubba kush, a type of weed i know well. The clone was rather tall and spindly, but it would work for what i needed. 

Took the clone home and cloned her twice with cloning gel from Clonex. I cloned from the mother immediately after sexing her for a week and after she starting flowering just enough to show me she indeed was a female,as my friend had said. It is. I only took 2 clones from her because i knew i would clone the clones again and didn't want to hurt the mother plant too much as to decrease her yield. I find it annoying to keep one mother plant so i clone from clones like i always have with no bad results. The clones went rather nicely and rooted exactly at 1 week, and started growing. 


Fast Forward to today...

Just took 6 clones from the 2x second generation clones today about  hours ago. Under constant light. This brings us back to the original plant and where it stands today. 


All of these pictures are from the original Bubba Kush Clone i got from my friend for $10 U.S.D . Hehe they are great genetics. My friend goes to the Medical dispensary for his stuff, and that's, im sure where these genetics came from. Anyways, what a steal... Considering i will now have 9 Plants of the same good genetics for 10 Dollars, +  5 dollars for roothing gel,10 dollars for pots soil and rockwool cubes. I usually have 100 percent success rate using clonex and my DIY on a budget cloning technique which i will be posting a step by step method for here when i have the time :] 


As you can see this plant has taken off from what im sure was a tiny little cutting. I think its growing quite nicely. I have a few infared images and normal lighted images for you guys below so you can see the different details revealed in the different lighting. Thanks for reading :]


1/20/2014 Update Pics

Here is updated pics of the same Bubba Kush plant after a bit of trimming and after 3 weeks have passed. 56 Days into flowering and ready to be chopped down soon













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hey man, looks nice :D The bud still need to get bigger ^^


think there is some burn on the leaves, maybe from the aluminum foil causing hotspots on them.

some white plastic would be perfect :P


but enjoy the smoke and have a good day man !

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They look really nice and very promising. Don't forget less nutes better... and check your PH very important.

Hps can be hard on slightly stressed plants when in full bloom...

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Thanks for opening a journal for her man :) And god to read that she is only the first of many more, it's a very nice strain and can make some very nice smoke :)


I hope it will how is the smell yet? And like the guys said she has few burns etc but now at this stage you shouldn't be far form flushing anyways, and next time i'm sure you'll be more careful :)

Have a good grow man

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