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Strainhunters Jamaica Trailer, IT'S COMIIINNG

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Wassup hunters!! Very glad to show today the official Trailer of the Jamaica expedition!!

Yeeees, it has been a long time and i am as impatient as everyone to watch it, I think it is gonna be a niice one, and can't wait to see the rasta culture over there. It should be a vey interesting!!


So enjoy all this little Trailer, the Full Version should be coming on January 6th! Fingers crossed ;)


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damn 3 more days, hope i make it. maybe a rerun of an old trip, will diminish this prerequisite to watch a new strain hunters for a few more days. luvin it!

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I thought it was a running gag and we NEVA get to see that movie but I can't wait this will be the ULTIMATE most high . Go Bring come and prepare for Part 2 asap.

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Its a really nice documentary. As I have said in my previous posts about jamaica, its a cool calm place. I agree with everything simon says about it as a tourist destination. I can understand people being wary based in some of the madness and unrest amongst locals at tourist centres. Away (not too far) from the want for foreign money people are calm and deeply friendly. Get up in the hills.

Thanks strain hunters for a nice doco. It's sometimes hard to fully appreciate whether the expeditions are staged or exaggerated but having seen and experienced some of the elements of the video first hand I can say it is a really informative true to life representation of a culture, way of life and truly great holiday destination.

Thanks again.

P.s someone should tell the indian folk how to increase their charas production.

200g per day compared to one tola?!!? It's like I've been telling the mrs exodus for ages, rub it harder you'll get more out.

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