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nute additives

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Hello brothers and sisters

I'm not one for adding boosters or any additional product to my grow other than the food itself. Now I have noticed a fair amount of people who use Calmag, and just read someone using Hesi Supervit. There must be some real benefits to these.

Are they much and such the same thing and should I be using one or both of these?

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Well for the cal/mag usually the people adding it are the ones using the RO water (reversed osmosis) or that have very soft tap water, cal and mag are important to have in your mix, but uslaly most of the nutrients solution contain enough of it if you have a regular tap water.  for the Supervit i have never used it myself, but it will not hurt for sure to give vitamins and amino, just make sure your whole setup suits it, some products are not working on all medium etc...

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When using LED lights the plants are able to use more cal/mag due to the fuller spectrum. this can lead to deficiency and a cal/mag amendment will be needed to be added.


 Liquid silica can be used in hydro set ups. silica makes strong and healthy stems and leaves and is often lacking in feeding programs.



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yes with Full leds grow it's true i've seen some grower state the same as you lams, i haven't made a full led grow myself so on this i can not state from experience :)

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Im thinking of toying with a bud booster and or flavour enhancer but thetes so many out there boasting roughly the same thing. What are your thoughts on this brothers ans sisters?

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