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Weed edibles question

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Ok hello fellow tokers, i have a question about weed edibles one specific that i came across last night

so i live in a household were i can not smoke or leave any smell linguring around in the house or my room.

ive vaped in my room plenty of times without hetting caught. i know vaping is the best for you and your bud too as it reqires less bud and gets you pretty fuckin high. i want to do edbiles cause i would like to be able to just whip it out and eat it get baked with no worries about smell. my parents leave the house pretty often but there are times were i would enjoy a nice sesh when there home andi. cant.

so the edbile i can across was mixing weed and yogurt. i did that last night but maybe a bowl and a bit of growned up herb basiclly pouder form put it on yogurt and stired ut up thourhgly, i ate it and waited 1.5-2 hrs nothing happend. another person saaid you can put broken up weed on a spoon pour some cooking oil over just enough to cover it and have a lighter underneath heating it then put it in yogurt.

1) can anyone confirm this works

2)can anyone give me detail insructions on how to do it correctly (ie. how long lighter needs to be under spoon)

3) can anyone give me other easy to make NO SMELL I REPEAT LITTLE TO NO SMELL edible recipie

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make tea. this is the best homeway non smoke . All you have to do is get a lipton tea bag, unhinge the staple. place desired amount of weed inside and remove only some of the tea leaves. staple or close the staple where the fold was originally, heat up water in microwave, but not hotter than you can stand as it will destroy some of the thc. Add the tea bag and steap for 5 minutes. Then add a bit of cream or milk. this is necessary as it acts as a isolationist for the thc and removes it from the actually leaf matter and stays in the cream. THEN YOU REMOVE THE TEA BAG. NOT AFTER YOU ADD THE CREAM AND STEAP.Then you drink. add cinimmon or whatever, suger. 


Hands down a great great body high. I do this for taking long trips as it is a total mood stabilizer and gives you such a loose relaxeed sensation. vision is also altered slightly for me. blurry or light sensitive of some sort. Pretty trippy. Its different from when you smoke it. 


Enjoy :)

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hmm seems goid for when rents leave the house but there home i cant use yhe microwave or oven cus theyre always on the main floor, i have considered investing in building a little mini kitchen area in my room cus its big enough but in the meen time no i cant use the microwave or oven....

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Unlessyou like pulling weed out of your teeth. There is a way to make cannibutter but its a technique and harder to do. its more of a cooking art then the tea thing, which is quick and simple. efficient

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true, but i really cant use a microwave or oven atm. i really would enjoy getting baked right now cus i got nothing to do all day so ya haha if you find anyways to prep weed without cooking or vaping lemme kno cus i cant vape either cus i dont wanna be vaping then my parents walking into my room while im doing it haha had bad experience with straight up seshing in my room:P ive heard making fire crackers with it just sitting there in its tin foil for a few days but im not down to wait all tht time.

is there a way to put it on a spoon and oil over if then lighter underneath snf wait till it bubbles then eat it???

i just would enjoy a way of sprinkling weed on. something and getting baked. i could prep somestuff before hand tho like melted hutter or somthing just cant add any weed then microwave again cus like i said i cant have any smell

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You can make butter pretty easily and it won't smell tooo much weed, it will also smell butter :P  The method i prefer for the cannabutter is with the bain-marie, you put the butter and weed in  a recipient and this recipient in another recipient with the boilign water and you let it sit like this for sometime, i do it as long as i can usually about an hour or 2, i don't know if there is a recommanded time for this have a deeper look into it ;) but this method is my favorite the one with the water inside also gives a bad taste for me.


For the yogurt i don't know, don't think it will change much, the only effects you will have will be from the weed you have eaten probably, not because it was in a yogurt :)


I made with a friend a veryyy nice Rhum bottle too one time if you have 2 3 month ahead ^^ Put something like 10g of good weed in good rhum  with dry fruits vanilla, straberry, what ever you want :) And let it sit in the sun or wherever you want for few months, it will be a delight!


Good luck man

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