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Out in the sticks

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Such bad manners hope alls cool wid ya my names vino live s e UK really want to step up this year. planing a black opp . Have played about in doors . Want to go back to nature any Help , tips , words of wisdom , please bend my ear . What seeds people

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Hi man welcome on SH forum ;)


When it comes to finding tips and infos on growing, you are in the right place :) if you take a little time to go thru the forum and past journals you should find a loot of tips to get you started :)

Ifi you have any problem on the forum during your stay don't hesitate to ask me in PM and i'll help you if i can


Have a good discovering of the place

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Hi guys thanks for replying so soon . I am starting from scratch so any ideas on what strain would be good for the UK climate I have got some ideas I will be putting it all down on here so if you see me going wrong pls help happy new year to you all

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Hey Vino :) Welcome to the forums, nice to have you aboard brother.

Here's is a link to our Outdoor Grow Section of the forums - http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/24-outdoor-growing/

Looking forward to be seeing you outdoor plants, are you going to go auto or photo?

All the best and happy growing.




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Been up to the plot today have turned it over and got rid of the roots going to wait till it stops pissin down with rain before I start blending the soil have some ideas of what I am going to mix in but would be open to any feed back on what has worked for others . Have also orderd 5 purple maroc 5 easy sativa want to get some autos so again any ideas pls post that's it for now peeps MIND HOW U GROW

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Love the enthusiasm, Clearing the plot is a good thing.


Growing outdoors in UK is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Just think back two summers ago, rain , rain and then some more rain.


Last year summer was really nice for the UK, but also remeber that the last two year we have had long cold spring.


Start germing your seeds inside early to mid april for planting out late April early May. Before then The cold, rain, sleet hail and snow won't be much help or what ever the UK weather wants to throw at us.


If you have a green house or poly tunnel this will afford your plant some protection and a slightly earlier start time, but green houses can be cold too with out additional heating in the spring time.


In the summer months when growing  large mature plants  in a greenhouse/poly tunnel,something to watch for are white mildew, grey mold (botrytis) and sun that is too strong and over heating. Adequate ventilation will provide good air supply &  will help keep the plant fungus free & will help reduce temps. Too much sun ,shade cloth or greehouse white out will stop your plants withering or getting scorched.


Remember that the spring equinox is not until around 20th of March, the days before this and up to this date will be less than 12 hours of light. This means sexually mature plants (usually 21 days from sprouting .it can vary a little) will start to flower but as the day light hours increase it will stop flowering,until the light reduces to under 12 hours light.


There are a vast array of autos out there, Green House Seeds have some lovely auto's. I like SuperCritical, Kalasnikova & Northern Lights to name a few.


What  you add to your soil depends what your soil is like, Lots of nice organic compost is always a good way to go. It will add much needed humus to fast draining sandy soils and also help break up clay soil and help make it a bit more airy.


If you watch but one program about soil, my recomendation is "soils" by Geoff Lawton. This guy is number 2 to the grand daddy of all permaculture Bill Mollison.


Geoff Lawton absolutely rocks and I one of my hero's and I don't do heros lol but this guys knowledge and understanding about soils thier structure and nutients when it comes to organics is legendary. He also tell you how to make compost teas.


"Soils" by Geoff Lawton can be bought online or found else where on the interweb if you know where to look, if you know what I mean. ;)


Here is an extract  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxV10GX8rPE

Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic6n8i6cuHA


Have a good grow, just let it get a bit warmer first ;)

Peace and smokes


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If you have enjoyed those clips make sure you check out videos by Geoff on youtube.

Inspirational is the only way to describe him and his mate, father of Permaculture Bill Molison (watch his videos too).

There's some great full length video's  to rent (sounds like torrent don't it) so keep an eye  out for them. ;)

Also anything by david Holmgren and not to forget the legendary "reblel Farmer" Sepp Holtzer, who is an Austrian alpine permaculture farmer and believe you me, watching by watching his videos you'll want to live there or be like him.

There are some amazing thing we can do to live a better life and these guys can show you how to do it.

If anyone is interested I'll start a permaculture thread which could cover , water harvesting, composting, worm farms, green manures & aqua culture .

If we look after the world around us and minimise the impact on the land we can live a better life and of course our favorite plant is bound to love it.


Peace & smokes


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