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Exodus Please

Barcelona clubs

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So another business trip beckons! Barcelona In a coupe of months.

All that's in my mind is the clubs. I've no experience.

I've bee. To cannabis hotels in Spain, me ought from the streets but never experienced the club scene!?

What's it like where are the best ones? Can tourists get introduced. Any help or guidance here or via PM would be greatly appreciated.


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hi man, well i haven't seenall the barcelona clubs but i've tried a couple of them, and for the moment none of them has refused me even tho i'm not from Spain, so i think tourist are allowed, i would not say welcome because i'm not sure it's the case in all the clubs lol, but in most of them you will not get any troubles to register and buy :) The biggest i believe is the NPK and actually it's one of the only names i remember lol caus they all had some initials as name so cant' find it back. I think the Betty boop if it's open i've heard omse nice things but never been there.


Enjoy your trip man!

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Cannabis Club Barcelona -  I tried to put thier face book and tumblr pages here, but the forum software won't allow it so just google it.


History of Spanish cannabis clubs - http://www.undrugcontrol.info/en/weblog/item/3633-cannabis-reaches-parliament


Inside Barcelona's Cannabis Clubs - http://www.cafebabel.co.uk/barcelona/article/for-the-love-of-green-inside-barcelonas-marijuana-social-clubs.html


How to get marijuana in Barcelona - http://marijuanagames.org/how-to-get-marijuana-in-barcelona-spain/


Nancy Botwin Network do cannabis club tours - https://www.facebook.com/NancyBotwinNetwork


We Be High tours - http://webehigh.org/tours/


Marijuana Travels - http://www.marijuanatravels.com/cities/esp/barcelona



Nancy Botwins Club contact details -



CHECK OUT MY CLUB AT - WWW.RDM-BCN.COM  & http://rdmasociacion.wix.com/rdmbcn



One other point of interest if you have some time to kill, you can check out The Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum (located at: Carrer Ample 35), the sister museum to The Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum, located in Amsterdam.



Cannabis club - ZION, Calle Ginebra 31, Barceloneta Metro. They have a lovely selection of bud, nice tunes, really nice space to hang out. Happy travels!



I hope some of these link are useful

Peace and stay high


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I was speakingI with a shop owner, he said you can register as a member, but do it quickly as possible as they are trying to restrict the number of members per shop.

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