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Bud Of The Month Contest - January

bud of the month  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. which bud is your favorite

    • cgreenyblues and his Warlock
    • kerbilli and his C99
    • Reaf and his Auto Santa x Chaze x SS

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We are now accepting nominations for the bud of the month contest.

Please submit a photo/video of your best bud. The bud must be your own grown.

Once all nominations are in we will all start to vote for a winner, we will keep the contest going until the last few days of the month .
The winner will receive a badge that says. Bud of the month winner.

Rules :
1. Entrys must include original photos/videos of a Bud you have grown. The bud photo/video may include several buds or a cola.
2. Entries must include only photos/videos of the bud, but you may add one photo/video for a reference point for size or a close up A.K.A macro shot
3. Maximum of 2 photos/videos per member. You CAN NOT update or change or delete your photos through out the month. Once you have entered you have entered.
4. Make sure you upload your videos to Growhd.tv or Youtube.com
5. The buds must be dry and in ready to smoke form they can not still be alive or on a plant.
6. Self-nominations only!
7. No voting for yourself. if you vote for yourself your entry and vote will be removed.
8. Don't enter in the contest previous entries smile.png
10. 6. you have to vote in the POLL for your vote to be counted in, you can also post a comment to tell us for who you voted, but only the POLL will count for the results.

If you do not read the rules and your entry is not in compliance with the rules. Your entry will be taken down and you can not enter again till the next contest.

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sorry for the Delay guys!! here it is now and as i said in the other room, don't forget to vote for the Bud of the YEAR contest in the Contest room ;)


Good luck to everyone let's make 2014 frosty??!! ;)

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yes of course from plant to bud is the normal cycle ;) ;) make sure it is nicely dried and ready to smoke ;)

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Ok Strainhunters here we go!! Good luck this year !!

Here is a couple photos of last months plant of month entry,Walrock3rd gen clone.

This is very good smoke.Heavy indica 90/10 Serious Seeds

This is staring to develop a very nice earthy hash taste.

There are hints of lime,evergreen,grape diesel!!

I blow a toke your way.




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Good luck for this month man :) look like some nice sized buds ;)

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We are nearly half way through the month and have two contenders, will we see some more buds.....?

Looking good guys, wish you both good luck ;)

may the best bud win




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High guys as a newcomer here i hope i am not breaking the rules by entering , i have read them a few times but i just had a very nice smoke and might have missed something.

My own auto , a mix of santa , chaz and super skunk . 85 day flower from seed to harvest ,  medium sized plant



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The rules here are very few and if you have read all 10 of the BOtM rules, several time I recon you know whats what ;)

Nice to have someones own creation , it add a little something extra to the mix.

I wish you good luck in the contest.

Dont forget to to enter plant of the month too!

Peace and vibrations


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nice lfrostiness around here already :) Thanks for the nice entries guys good luck for this month ! :)

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Reaf 's was my vote cause of the trichome density, dark greenish blue color, and thick orange hairs. Quite a pretty bud. The other ones were great too though. Who could pass on any of them? i wouldnt lol

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congratulation Reaf You are the winner for this month Bud of the month :)


Thanks for the entries guys don't forget to go vote in the bud of the YEAR contest as well :)

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