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High from SA

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High Everyone

I am an indoor / outdoor grower from South Africa , i am new to the forums but not to growing. I have a smallish setup for indoor and run a perpetual scrog under a 600w hps.

I grow pure organic i make all my own soils ,composts ,  fertilizers and i water every 3 weeks with a good AACT . If its store bought i dont really touch it , i believe nature has all i need for my ladies and  just needed to learn what to look for and nature will provide

Outdoor growing is my love and always have a few plants outside even through winter. 

I am excited about  joining the forums and hope to be able to share my love of growing with everyone 

I have just popped a White Strawberry Skunk and Flowerbomb Kush and am excited to get them going , I also have some Bodhi test beans outdoor and running Norther vision and Amnesia haze indoor.

I am looking forward to learning from everyone here














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Hello & welcome Reaf good to have you on board :)


Great introduction btw if you need a hand posting or navigating the forum just let me or Dust know and we help where we can.


If you happy about posting and have any questions , just post away (in the right sub forum where ever possible ;) ) & one of the family will be sure to answer your question or nudge you in the right direction.


The forums here are a happy friendly place and your sure to meet some nice people, a good place to meet them is in "Chat" where we kick back and talk about our favorite plant and maybe share a smoke together. ;)


I love that you have posted lots of nice pics already :) we love to see nice pics, so please keep posting them.


Organic is the way I preffer to grow too, so I look forward to seeing more organic grows.


Due to a lot of members living in northern europe & northern USA it is not possible to grow outdoors all year and so to see some outdoor grows in the winter will be great :D


So once again welcome to the family



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thanks for the warm welcome 

haha dont tempt me i love taking loads of pics of my ladies and sharing them , not spamming ofc. Growing in winter the ladies stay a lot shorter and is basicly like growing 12/12 from seed . I just give them a few weeks head start indoor. The colours that the cold brings out in winter are amazing.

Few winter colours and my dog loves her chillum





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Oh come on, now youre spoiling me :D


Those are some lovely shots and a dog that loves  a chillums, man you got it all goin on!!


Pleas post away with lots of pic, I surely won't complain :D.


You gotta love those winter colours, very nice.


A few of us here have done 12/12 from seed and got some nice results.


I'm guessing your near (nearish) to  the equator and would say that you got the same kind of seasons like Jamaica, where they grow all year long and the winter plants start flowering after 3-4 weeks.


Have you checked out the latest strain Hunter video, its well worth it, this time they went to Jamaica.


Look forward to more of your lovely exotic ladies ;)


Peace and smoke



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Welcome on SH forum man! You've got sme nice specimen in your outdoor garden it seems :D and yoru Scrog seems very nice too!!

Like Lams said we all love good pics around here so don't hesitate to share it all whenever you want ;)


I hope you will enjoy the place ;)

Have a good discovering of the forum

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I have watched all the SH vids multiple times lol i just love them.  I wish you guys would come and do my area  , the Transkei , awesome landraces here.

I just love the versatility of this beautiful plant. I will put up my new FBK and WSS grow up soon and my outdoor

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hey reef Africa has deffinately got some nice strains and I agree it would be nice to see a Strain Hunters way down south.

Africa is a huge place and one can only imagine there are still some nice suprise strain wise down there.

Have you watched the King of Cannabis yet?

Definately looking forwards to the FBK,WS and outdoor grows. :D

I'll leave you with a nice bit of reading from Darko.GH who writes about hunting strains down in your neck of the woods.  http://forums.strainhunters.com/site/index.php/index.html/_/articles/landraces/south-africa-rooibaard-r16

I hope you find it interesting :)

Take care bro


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lol whilst I was replying to you posted that pic lol.

Very nice my friend, look forward to more pics like it. :D

keep up the good work


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Ahoya Reaf

Yeah man its me again with my lateness. Not sure if I will ever get it right.

Welcome to the forum and I am sure that as always you will everyone wipe drool of their keyborads and tounge smears of the screen. Your dog is an irie dog. Really digging that pic and OH MY FUCK !!! That swazi landrace is a beauty. Ah man, there goes the 1st smear on the screen. LoL

Enjoy your stay man and make SA proud.

Love and Light


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