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New growth is looking more healthy :)

I love to know what is used in peoples grows , would it be possible to tell me what LED you are using (I love me a bit of LED, currently I have three. 2 x 180w (actual draw) EliteGrow 300 & a 150W(actual draw) Vipar B2x3)

Was also wondering what nutes you are using, It seems to be working as your defficiencies are clearing up nicely ;)

Thanks for the pics :D we all love to see a pretty lady but a few more would be even better and would make me smile.

Wishing you all the best with the rest of the grow, I'll be sure to drop in from time to time to see how they are progressing :)

Peace & smoke


Aloha Lams, Do you use leds for propagation lighting when doing your cuttings? Here in Hawaii the cost for electricity is the highest in the USA and I was thinking about reducing cost and better light balance.

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with so many strains in the world, I must admit it has been a while since I used cuttings.

These days I buy fem seed and try asmany different strains as possibel.

I have 2 EliteGrow 300 (which are E-shine DS 300) which draw 180w full pectrum when using Veg (seedlings) or Bloom the unit only uses half the lights so actual draw will be abour 90w

I also have a Vipar B2X3 LED which half of the six modules can be turned off but does not have different modes for different stages of growth. This lamp is designed to use full spectrum through out the plants life.

To the question do i use them for cuttings/seedlig stage. The answer is yes & absolutely fabulous for it too. When starting off youn plants the seedlings stay soo compact, there is no stretch, gone are the days where you see a seedling with a 4 inch stem with two little cotyledons at the top. They also don't produce heat in the same way as HPS and so less chance of scorching them, though do be carefull an LEDtoo close to young plants and seeedlings especially can be overwelmed by light that is too bright. I currently start at two feet away and move closer as the plant starts to fill out.

I use my lights through the whole grow and I am happy with the results.

These days it is not hard to find awesome LED grow on the net with just a little bit of searching.

As of yet I am still to try out my Vipar, the plan is to use the selective switch on my EliteGrows and have the Vipar on through out the whole grow. This means through the Grow I will alaways be using 330w and if I wanted to use all 3 LED with full spectrum I can go up to 510W.

New grow to start soon though I needto get a silencer for the fan exhaust which is wooshing to loud for me. I updated my fan and got one that extracts 400m3  which is a little over twice what i had before.

With all 3 LED on in the cab and with no extraction it got to 39 degrees celcius ( I did this as an experiment) my old Ruck was pulling 180m3 and wasn't quite up to the job.

Whilst the fan I bought was an accoustic fan, I still put it in my old DIY accoustic box and now it is even quieter, it is just the ducting woosh that is bugging me. Gonna get a bit of accoustic ducting as well as a silencer( which will be at least 1m long).


Then I recon I be good to go, but stealth comes first.

Almost forgot new extractor has fan speed control & is  temp controlled.


Hope that helps bro, if not ask away, I'll be sure to answer.



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What is the wattage of the LED and is there a veg/bloom/full spectrum switch? I've used a Pro-Grow 400w for vegging and flowering on seeds and clones. In the beginning of a clone's life you want to let it focus on building roots and not leaves. So if you use a LED I would lift the LED higher than canopy more than you normally veg with and lower it when the root system has developed. If you do encounter light stress I would raise the lights higher and slowly lower them down until where the plants feel comfortable.

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The EliteGrow is 185W actual draw , yes it does have selective swith - veg-flower-fullspectrum.

11 bands inc IR & UV

my model is the PRO200
- LED Quantity: 100                                 
- LED Form: 3W Single Diodes                
- Total Output: 200W                             
- Total Power Draw: 185W                       
- Lens Angle: 90°                                     
- Input Voltage: AC85-264V
- Input Current: 0.42~0.82A
- Dimensions: 480mmx210mmx70mm
- 3W High-Power LEDs
- Diamond Lenses
- 11 Wavelengths of Color Output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm
- 90° Lens Angles
- Switchable Modes (Vegetative/Flower/Full-Spectrum)
- 2 x 120mm Cooling Fans
- 3 Year UK Based Warranty and 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
EliteGrow is a uk reseller that sells the E-shine DS (Diamond Series) range which are identicle in design and spectrum as Avancedledled Diamond series.
The reason for this is advancedled were is partnership with E-shine in the design and manufactuering process and then parted ways.
Advancedled who I pressume hold the US patent but not worldwide patent, decided to find a US manufacturer. The same sort of situation happend with hydrogrow ie teamed up and split, holding US patent and found new manufacturer.
Both companies make great lights and both have said that the chinese companies they were partnered with are scammers and don't make the genuine article.
It may be said that the E-shine light might not have top bin diodes , but with out tests that is just hear say. Some of the better Chinese LED Companies know that the export market demands high quality diodes and make the effort to provide what the customer wants.
The true savings aren't in the components, buy good quality diode they pay the same as the rest of the world (they may get discount for sheer quantities bought) but the real saving for chinese companiesis in the premisis and manufacturing costs.
Yes there are some scam companies from china, but don't tar everybody with  the same brush, the likely hood is that a majority of  LED lights on the market are chinese and are rebranded by US and european companies.
I am very happy with the results I get with my Light and have had good results in using it. I am a convert to LED growing, I don't think that would of happened if the light I bought did not perform well.
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