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ok guys im in this situation right now were i cant smoke or even vaporize because i dont want to get caught. i live at home with my parents at the moment. i vaporize all the time in my room when they leave but when theyre home i cant because they usually just like to barge in my room so ya... going outside is no option niether is making stuff in the kitchen because at least one of them is always on the main floor ALWAYS. so i was wondering if i theres a way to mix weed with something like a sandwich or something of that matter or even just letting it sit in something i am a patient person but i would enjoy the "thing" to be done today not like a 5 day waiting period. so if there is a way of letting it sit in something please let me kno because i would enjoy getting bajed today as i havenothing absolutly nothing to do today haha

oh also i cant use a microwave ovan stuff of that nature or kitchen stuff. i can prep stuff before then mix it but i cant mix stuff then heat it make smell if you didnt already catch that.

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I bought a Puffit portable vape I cost me £150 GBP. It looks like an inhailer though slightly larger than the real thing.


It makes no smell (I have even used it on a bus) When taking a vape. On the exhale blow it out through a cardboard tube with tumble drier sheets scrunched up in the tube.


Personally I left home at 16 and avoided the sneaking around trying not to get caught bit.


There are preparations that you can make but I dont know what you smoke is it mostly hash or weed?


You say they leave the house - how long for??


Ingesting THC works differently from smoking/vaping it takes a while for the effects to come on  and so isn't as instantly gratifying as a smoke/vape but will be stronger  if you ingest the same amount as you would normally smoke.


Do your parents never wonder why you got red eye?


It is a tricky path that you walk, if you are able to, I would move out and get a place of your own. It is gonna happen one day.


Why not check these parts of the forum out - http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/17-hashish-oils-creams/

                                                               - http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/30-cooking-with-cannabis/


I like to research things I am interested in and with the internet this has become very easy.

When I first started researching & growing Cannabis (over 20 years ago) The only place to get information was High Times and other such magazines and books by Ed rosenthal , Mel frank , kayo, Adam gottlieb, george Cervantes and Chef Ra to mention a few.


Back in the day there were no forums for easy answers, infact there was no internet, I will always help where I can but also firmly believe that people should also help them selves and do some of thier own research, who knows you may even find something to share with us ;)

I wish you well in you endevors and await further pertinent information regaurding your situation.



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$150 is allot for a vaper ! :(

thats 150GBP and that amounts to 257,27 USD so even more ;)

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Google: Firecracker cannabis 


I could post a link but I am not sure am I allowed.


It is simple and fast enough, although to be fair tolerance I am getting from edibles makes me stay away from them. 

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Yes of course you can put a link to product if you wish, the only thing forbidden is if you work for the company and come only to post your link and leave ;) In this case we usually delete it, but to help somebody no problem ;)



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