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Hi from Finland

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Hi and greetings from cold finland. I'm male who has been growing weed about 1½years. Soon i'm finishing my fourth project, and new set has started allready. You can watch some pics on my gallery and comments are welcome too. 

Sorry for bad english, hope u still understand. Peace 

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Hey Kerbilli welcome to the forum :)


I will paste a link to your gallery here - http://forums.strainhunters.com/gallery/album/1262-random-pics/


Thanks for posting your gallery, we do like to see some nice picture here ;)


By the look of your photographs, you have got the hang of growing your own ;) and we  will be sure to like seeing more!


Why not start a grow journal and tell us what you use and grow.No doubt there will be pictures in it and i'll be sure to follow along.


Your English is great very clear and understandable, which is more than I can say for my Finnish.



tervetuloa rasittaa metsästäjien.


If you need a hand with anything just ask me (lamsbread) or Dust and we will help where we can.


I lookforward to following your grow and seeing your pretty ladies blossom. :D


Peace and smokes



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Willkommen bei Jäger Stamm und haben eine gute wachsen.

yeah, i would agree that your Finnish sucks Lams haha

Welcome to the forum Northern Brother


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OMG LMAO yes toke I was using Google translate and some how it went to german instead of Finnish. hihi :D

Now hopefully it has been corrected but thanks for pointing it out! It was only a matter of time!

The main thing was the sentiment and the message I was trying to put across ;) Which is "Welcome to Strain Hunters and have a good grow".

That will teach me to proof read google translations, If I looked at it it was obviously German.

Tervetuloa rasittaa metsästäjien.



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haha yeah google translate plays tricks sometimes ;)


Welcome on the Forum man!!

All like Lams said thanks for sharing your pics alreay in a gallery, don't hesitate to open a grow journl for them to keep us updated ;)

And if you have any problem feel free to ask :)


Have a good discovering of the place

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