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Salvatore Riina

Riina's 30 Gallon Smartpot test, 4 Girls, ScrOG

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My fellow hunters  :bye:

The urge to start a new grow was to big so i'm going to test my luck with these 3 girls .


From left to right


DNA Genetics - Kosher Tangie


Kosher Kush x Tangie

Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
Yield: 450-550 g/m2
60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Kosher Tangie is the obvious mix of our multiple award winning Indica Kosher Kush and the 2013 12X Sativa champion Tangie! With the scent of tangerines and the Dankness of Kosher Kush, the Kosher Tangie is like no other strain DNA has created. Kush flavoured nugs with citrus undertones or Tangie flavour with Kosher nugs you make the choice in this F1 hybrid, expect 3 phenotypes all being winners! She will grow tall in Veg. And will stretch until the 4th week of flowering. Flowering time will be 9-10 weeks with above average yields. Expect to see some very resinous flowers with that Cup winning taste and smell!


Strainhunters - White Lemon


White Lemon is a Strain Hunters Seed Bank strain

El Niño x Super Lemon Haze (feminized) - {50% indica - 50% sativa}
medium plant (average internodal distance 8-10 cm)

Flowering Indoors: 
up to 0.9 gram (dry and manicured) per watt per square meter (under 1000W HPS)

Flowering Outdoors: 
very large plants can harvest over 1kg of dried, manicured buds
Taste (burned): 
lemony, very skunk, slightly hazy.
Scent (unburned):
Nutty, spicy, citrus-like, with hints of wood and cedar.
What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like:
the dried buds are long, thick and compact, with medium-large calyx, very thick and long hairs, and covered in thick resin. The crumbled bud is sticky, green towards light brown and gray.
Speed of high onset:
Duration of high:
long lasting.
Quality/type of high:
very high at first, it evolves into a stoned body feeling. 
Complex, strong.
Medicinal qualities:
good for appetite stimulation, pain and mood control.


CaliConnection - Green Crack 


This is the real deal Cecil B Green Crack Aka Cush.

Cali Connection took the Original Clone and have spent 2 years getting her to seed. A true legend amongst circles for her speed she has bag appeal and look.
Expect a huge yielder that will finish before the frost.
This baby is pure skunk funk with the yield to boot. 
Snoop Dogg nicknamed her Cush.
This is a true winner for you far north growers and you cash croppers.
Flower -  8-9 weeks 
Yields - 700+g m2


All information was either taken directly from the breeder's website or from Attitude seedbank website where i got them from.


As for germination i have left them about 10hours in some cups with water. After they all sink to the bottom i've put them between some kitchen paper witch really absorbs alot of water.

With a few roaches and their initials on them i've put each one seperate and on a bed of soaked perlite in a small propagator as you can see in the first picture.


All i can do is wait untill they pop open and i can put them in jiffy's.


Soon another update !



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you got some nice strains there Riina, gonna be good to follow. :)

I've seen these mini propagators online.   They have cool white LED's to stop stretch & provide light for the seedling.   I was wondering ..Have you used this before?

Will it be possible to get some pics of seed germination in the propagator and also let us know if this is a good bit of kit.

I am really interested in weather the LED do the job, one down point is the batteries, but it should be easy enough to to wire it to a 4.5v transformer (I think its 3 x AA battery).

Look forwards to following your grow :D

Peace & smokes


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yeah 3 great strains :) Gonna be one nice promising grow hopefully ;)  Is it your really first time with the smartpots?


Have a good germination man, all the best for this sesh and thanks for opening a journal ;)

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well as far as germination go's im almost done.

About another 10hours after putting em between kitchen paper, Green Crack & Kosher Tangie have split their seed and grown root. I've put these in jiffy's that i've let soak for a couple of minutes in water with a light bacto solution.

Only wait for the White Lemon now. 


Tbh im a little worry about the leds in the propagator.(It has only 3 leds inside ) I dont think it's gunna be enough to counter early stretching. As you can see in this picture i found on sanniesshop.com they stretch quite alot.


But we'l see what happens.

Keeping the propagator humid and heated is no problem. I have sitting close to my furnace and its staying at a nice 25°C


About the smartpot, i dont know what to expect. I've always used plastic pots so we will see about this also :D Tommorow il go get a bag of fresh soil and some perlite to add to my old soil so i can fill up the rest of the smartpot. I can say its BIIIG :D


Normally i will go get some AA batteries for my camera tommorow. Il be able to take some more pictures, but i've really drained out every single AA battery i can find in the house. Except for the 4 AA Batteriese in the propagator :P


Aaaah idk why the White Lemon is behind :( I've done the same thing to it like all the rest following Greenhouse's germination tutorial just to be sure.


Anyway, see you all soon for the next update ! :D

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Lol I first saw it at Sanies too, but since then it been popping up everywhere.

The unit doesn't loo too bad.

I was always concerned that the LED would not do the job and so it it seem my worries were valiid.

As I mentioned before getting a transformer @ 4.5V or a transformer that you can dial in the voltage @ 4.5V would be my prefference.

A small transformer will only cost five to ten dollars/pounds .

snip of the dc plug and attach possitve to the possitive post and the negative to the negative post. and your done no more batteries to worry about.

Having said that it is a bit accademic as the LED don't seem up to the job.

Here are some LED lights I would preffer to use for seedling etc.





Some of these lights are tiny easily fitting in to the palm of you hand.


These small led lights come in 10w 20w 30w 40w 50w 60w 80w 100w & 150w

Whilst the lights I show here are red/blue spectrum the the third picture down is a COB LED (circuit on board) light which until a while back were called  "Intergrated arrays".These light  can also be bought with  warm and cool white LED.

Cool white would be ideal for seedlings as it is on the the blue side of the spectrum.





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Hey i've figured out how im going to make the ScrOG.


In the picture below is a sketch of a dr120 120cm wide and 200cm high. Sketch is made from the side. Dimensions of the smartpot ar 60cm in diameter and 40 high.

I will try to keep the reflector after stretch at an angle of 45°  as drawn in the picture to make optimal use of the half pipe scrog i will make.

Aswell after stretch in flowering i will try to aim the intake at the same angle of the reflector and pointing on the bulb hopefully discarding alot of heat directly into the exhaust fan.


Now it should be all clear when you look at the side - picture.

The yellow lines coming from the point where bulb is are all 40cm long. This is about the range i will keep the bulp from buds.

Brown is the frame i will make to support the screen.

green line is how i will bend the screen.



I will probably have to let 2 plants grow untouched while having to top 2 other plants to keep the at the bottom part of the screen.


Lets hope it works. If i would be able to fill the screen with bud i think i will have used more space then doing with horizontal screen. 


We'll see :D


Peace hunters!

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You have deffinately been giving this a lot of thought and planning it out nicely.

The diagram  makes it easy to see what you want to achieve , I pressume the dark blue circle in a carbon filter?

It sure is gonna be nice to follow the progress of your gow.

I can't wait to see it up and running.

Have a good grow


Peace and smokes



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Yeah lams, you are correct, the dark blue circle is the carbon filter :D.




Shows you how adding vertical grow area gives a larger canopy. I will do my best to fill up as much vertical and horizontal space starting from 80cm high. Going to the back of the tent upwards. Will see if the oppurtunity comes to also do the side walls because plants are growing good i will try to fill that up aswell. Anyhow this will be a long veg :D

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nice little drawing :) I've seen a few grows with this shape to optimize light use, i'm not sure the angle you give to the light and net is the best soliution, cause it will cause some forces on the light ffixation and will always be more tricky than a steady plane light. You could consider maybe rotate your screen 45° more to the right to have your halfpipe becoming more like a bowl, you will have a better airflow under the canopy as well like this and with a good topping it whould fill up the net more naturally than a grow on the side :)


But well your way will work as well and maybe better than what i propose ^^ i'll be around to watch it ;)

have a good grow and good luck planning it all!

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Hey Riina :)

Glad to see ur going for the next one :)

I just wanted to pass by and let a tip there :P

Sorry but i dont understand how Weedgrowers ever came to the Conclusion that Smartpots would be good to use as Growcontainer for Herbs.

A Smartpot is made to guarantee a great wortleing for Trees in new Ground. It has only a benefit as Startcontainer when u want to replant in t a bigger container u dont get any benefits at all if u grow in them as an endcontainer .

And my personal hit on it they are so annoying to desinfect :P

Have a nice grow man !


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Hey guys, small update no pictures though ( my sis is using cam)


Kosher Tangie, Green Crack, White Lemon all germed and popped open. The Grower's Choice Super Lemon Haze alse cracked open today and i've stuck it in a jiffy that i also put inside a small container with dirt.


I've also got some small lamps instead of the 3x led from the propagator. Tube E27 230V 1010 Lm 20W 4000K temperature, Got 2 of them right now, i intend to get 4 more.


Greetings Riina

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After about 2 weeks 24/7 light i've moved them in my grow room under a Philips Master Greenpower 600w HPS on a 18/6 period.


Straight off with a good start, climate wise: Day temp 25-26 - Night temp 19-20 RH changes between 25-40 according to what light period they are in.

from small 7x7cm square pots, well rooted they where moved in the prepared 30gallon smartpot. 


Tommorow i will be installing 4 blumat drippers and connecting them to my 20Liter nute reservoir outside the tent.

Also i will put the intake fan inside the room upside down on the ceiling and take a alu4u tube to connect it to the Bac Airsock at the ground.


I think i will keep them in veg for about 3-4 weeks longer and then flip the switch to 12/12. 


But pictures soon !




The girls did have about 1 days of delay in growth due to transplanting but they are growing like monsters now.

Green Crack & White Lemon was 2 biggest from the start and i will let these 2 grow straight up in the back. 

At front the SLH & Kosher Tangie will be trained to keep lower then the GC & WL i have in the back in order to have height difference in the front and back groups

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Hey guys, like i promised some pictures :P


Le big smartpot with 4 girls:



Green Crack:






White Lemon:






Super Lemon Haze:






Kosher Tangie:






Blumat sensors, tubing and everything installed upto the reservoir outside the grow room.

Currently not running atm because i forget to buy air pump to keep the water fresh.




Here you can see the BAC Airsock around the smartpot. Its actually a 325kuub intake fan blowing inthere and distributing the air evenly.

This beeing only a 1.5m Airsock i would say that 325kuub intake is ideal for the size. For longer airsock go with more intake power !!





Thats it for now


Peace Riina

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interesting setup it will be nice to see this develop :)


Tanks for the news man have a good grow!

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Thanks for the pictures Riina :)

I first came across the Tropf blumat watering system a few years ago, but until now ,hadn't actually seen them in action.

I will watch with much interest as I thought it was a nice idea , when I first saw them. :D

Love the big smart pot and can't wait to see your scrog screen ;)

I will be pulling up a chair for this :)

Have a good grow :D

Almost forgot, every time I see you Gif it makes me chuckle :P

Peace brother


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Hi bud

Really looking good so far. A very well planned grow and you are definitely going to be rewarded at the end. I am also very keen to see how the 4 different strains go on one screen.



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Hey guys, 5 days later now, they have grown good i must say.


Here's some pictures :




Green Crack: 




White Lemon:




Kosher Tangie: 




Super Lemon Haze:




Finally i can get you guys a clear look at the height of the plants and the height of the frame for the scrog.

Not sure if about how much longer i should veg them to have them reach the frame




Hope you enjoyed watching !



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they sure have grown man, and looking happy good job :)


Thanks for the pics keep them blowing ;)

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