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The Throw Down The Swords Of War Journal,and mystery bean to boot

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Hi Strainhunters

This journal will start with a mystery bean, that bean should not  be a mystery for to long.

Here at the Rainbows End, we have some cross strain clones starting alongside of the lil mystery seed.

The xstrain is a GHSC Himilaya Gold5th gen clone grown indoors,This was cross pollentated with a AK-47 regular seed.

Right now we call it "Chartbuster" :cool: .

This all soil grow consist of,well all natural soils

foxfarm potting soil           15%

happy frog worm castings  15%

back yard forest mix          15%

perlite                        30-35%

whitneys farm compost,

maine coast compost

dried and blendered chicken manure(from last century!) these make up the remainder of mix.

ok here some pics





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Hey CG

Straight of the bat I have to ask is it called "chart buster" because it goes straight in at number one ?

You have a nice bunch of organics too, the girls aint gonna go hungry anytime soon ;)

when you mention chicken manure from the last centuary is that pre 2000 or pre 1900? I keep forgetting I was born last centuary lol

Could you tell us a little more about your set up such as what light your using etc. :)

have a good grow



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Update lil mystery seed. looking good and growing well so far. this lil seed showed up in my stash jar right before xmas time.ok well let me tell you,back in the summer and fall I was able to pollentate four plant here.two outdoors, and two indoors.ok these beans have all been accounted for and not getting into my stash jar.Ok so,indoors a little later, there was some left over pollen, and so some of the pollen  was applied to a Trainwreckcross that I have here.also there was a warlock 3rd gen plant of month contestant that was pollenated.see this why theres a lil mystery.

I think it will be the warlock3rdgen.time will tell.




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The veg box has six 4foot fluorescent tubes. double shop light style.very basic.This is a three stepper. three steps of elevation.18inches from light,28inches from light and 36 inches from light.There is a fan for air movement.there was no fan for period of time.big difference.a couple little plug in aquarium  type heaters.

That box average about degree 60F and 60%h.these conditions aren't the most ideal,but I am excited about the vigorous growth.the winter season affects me here. still getting some really good buds though.These lights are 24/7.water by hand.water is ph neutral.7 the soil typically starts off 7.5ph,which for early growth,seedlings and clones transplants,this soil is lighted up by adding peat or humus.they both neutral.

lighten up the early stage soil,so that later the same soil at regular strength is consistent for transplany and good grow.







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She does look like she's  going strait up,can't wait see her fill out, you gonna get some nice Cola building.

Some times it is nice to have a little mystery, lets see how she (fingers crossed) turns out. :rabbi:



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Thanks for the lil news man they are indeed growing good so far it seems :) And the clones as well around seem good!



Hope they will all turn out to mature ladies and beautiful ladies ;)

Have a good grow

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Most of my grows are clone.now I will start to germ more seeds. there is no rush here,I go with the flow and try to steer the girls in the right directions,upward and outward!!

I should also add to the journal the PineappleChunk#5AK cross.this plant has not yet been sexed. won't know for lil while whether there is female or male.

this is only aspect that I have hard time waiting for,no matter the flow.waiting for sex,got to be done though.

I will add more female clones to journal.

The three stepper box that I seed,clone and veg in helps to grow big roots,and facilitate a good internode spacing.

You guys like trainwreck crosses?

nice one here#4gen

The PC#5AK cross has had trouble getting started.The pcakx in this journal is the third seed to germinate. the first two grew oddly and stunted.

hopefully a lil exposure will get things growing in the right direction.










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for sure that lil seedling is looking better, she seems to have a nice green now and looking lush almost shining on the leaves.


Have a good grow ;)

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Hi Dust

Looking good so far.nice color,a little transplant maybe this weekend.

We get to add some Strainhunters seeds to the journal!!! :bye: Just in time to get some 420 insurance.White Lemon and Afgooey.also world of seeds Gold Columbian,thseeds s.a.g.e(regularsfree!)hsobubba kush(regularfreebie)

new chart journal started today,@420

in paper towel with distilled water(wetted)inserted into zip lock baggie,sealed.

one White Lemon SH(fem)

one Gold Columbian WOS(fem)

I am experimenting with seeding techniques.

In four weeks or so,we start a couple more seeds,different seeding technique(peat pot)




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Ok here is the "lil mystery" plant. I can't id this plant,although through process of elimination,none of the PCAKcross seeds that have popped looked like this plant.

Almost certainly not a  PCAKcross strain.

keeping my eyes on this one.transplanted into a 1gal container.



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Hey forum

here's a few  more updates and pics.White Lemon popped alongside of Gold Colombian. The "lil" mystery first,still a mystery.Does'nt look like chartbuster,not yet any way.






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Mystery no more?/

will see soon,here is a little comparison pic.

In the photo are two leaves from two different plants.

left is fresh from "lil mystery" seed.

right is fresh from Trainwreck cross. alittle more color for this one.

Trainwreck was pollenated with AK-47 male.

the fresh clipped leave has some fruity essence very faint,but there.

Both Trainwreck and the Warlock have the similar grape floral scents.

we'll see soon enough.







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