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Reaf's Garden

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High Everyone


I thought i would share my outdoor love with everyone that would like to stop by and have a look. My outdoor garden is divided into 2 section .


My prime growing section is a fenced off section of 12m2 , this space was dug out and refilled with my own mix of living soil , 4 tons worth. These are my best outdoor ladies


My other outdoor section i like to call the wild side , this is basicly the rest of the garden lol. The dogs can get to these plants and i let nature just do there thing with them. I have 3 big dogs that love to eat the outdoor ladies but dont do much damage , i call it dog stress training. I to this day can not train a swazi landrace as well as my 80kg boerboel lol.




On the wild side of my outdoor i am just really running swazi landrace . I call it a landrace as i have been growing it since 1998 , the original beans were found in swaziland in a packet of the sickest rooibaard i have ever seen.




Due to recent bad weather and flooding in my area my summer outdoor started later than i would have liked this year. This did put me in a position to test bodhi beans outdoor.


I am testing 3 strains:


Blue Dream x temple (temple = super silver haze x williams wonder)


Tiger Temple (tiger= alpachia x green crack)


Temple Lights ( 97 northern lights x Temple)


Having a few issues getting pics up as i like to link it from photobucket and give captions on them, i will right but here are some pics of my garden and some of last years outdoor. 

From now on i will just post updated pics and no old ones in this log


I hope u enjoyed the show for now , i will update as i go along

































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Looking very nice indeed :)

Boerbol are some big dogs,I can see how they might be hard to beat when it comes to manicuring you ladies.

Lots of very nice pictures of some good looking healthy plants.

Did you read the link i sent you  about Franco's Search for the "Rooibard" strain? You never know you just might have something special in your garden.

Weather your strains be landrace or hybribs It sure is gonna be a nice thread to follow.

Untill your next update have a happy grow.

Peace bro


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Thanks lams

I gave the article a good read and was interesting , its a pity he didn't get the strain. I know of a few people now growing it but i cant vouch for their genetics

I have been smoking since 1993 and back then me and friends use to make regular trips to the transkei and swaziland. This is what i experienced back then  , there were 2 different products sold under the name rooibaard. They were extremely similar in appearance but he smell was very different . One was extreamly peppery with dark red hairs while the other was more earthy and fruity with a high resin content. with a very nice cerebral high but had a couch lock aftereffect.

In 2000 i grew out 1 of each type of the original seeds from 93 , the male more peppery one while the female was the earthy "pheno" i seeded the female and thats what i have been playing with since. I still get 1 of each pheno often , 100% pure sativa with a 25 week flower.

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Now I'm only guessing here, but does "rooibaard" mean "red beard"?

Wow 6 months flowering, that a massive flowering time and so typical of the more equatorial sativas.

It must be nice to be able to taste and grow these long flowering strains. I grow indoors and there is no way I could or would concider flowering that long.

If I had the weather that you do and was able grow out doors, then I'd grow em in a heart beat.

It is shame Franco didn't track it down, as we may have seen it in a hybrid by now (shorter flowering one would hope ;) )


Take it easy my friend


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wow man what an awesome garden! 4 tons worth of mix only in the "civilized" quarter is only quite a piece of medium :) And the rest of the garden doesn't to have anything to be jealous of, that swazi lady looks great and seem to have explosive growth, thank to the dog maybe ;)


adnt that aquatic lady is amazing, how did they end here? and is it from last year did you end it to anything yet or are those some actual pictures? i'd love to see how it finishes :)


Have a good grow man thanks for sharing

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Thanks dust :)

Those ladies underwater were from flooding last year , they are the same swazi landrace I posted pics of. They were underwater for 5 days and did not show one sign of stress , overwatering or mold/mildew . I tell you nothing hurts that swazi , its tougher than nails.

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oh ok so it was kind of accident :) Well it doesn't surprise me that it didn't suffer from it, because i've seen and read some studies already about growing underwater, and some people actually manage to do it :)  i think i remember seeing a photo also of someone with a aeroponic system and a plant bended so low that it as going back in the water, and it liked it :) i'm not sure if a 100% immersion would work on them, but it seems as long as you can manage to keep  a wet dry cycle on the roots for all the growth time, even if the rest of the plant is under water it could survive :) would be nice to see if a full immersion plant would grow, you don't want to do it again? :P

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High Everyone :)

Mini monday picture update , been a long day at work and my brain is fried haha

I will let my pictures speak for themselves , the landraces are starting there preflower stretch and going to get huge. I am hoping for a personal record yield from them. Last year i got 1.9kg from 1 lady , this year i am hoping for about 3kg. wet weight



















Sorry for the lack of text guys :) will make up for it in the next post




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sometimes a pic is worth  a thousand words for sure ;) What a pleasure to look at those swazi they really look very nice, i think you're gonna have to help them to hold the buds by the end of flowering ;) we'll see how they flower and i hope you will break your recrod ;)


Have a good grow

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High Everyone :)

I got home a bit late tonight to get some decent pics. I have pulled 2 huge males in the main patch so i now have 4 huge ladies filling and i do mean filling roughly 12m2 . These genetics are really top shelf and i cant wait untill flower.

The biggest lady has grown 2m in 35 days and isn't stopping , so exciting . The landraces are doing well but forgot to take pics hahaha stoners.

The living soil seems to be holding up well , i was a little concerned as i had never mixed 4 tons of soil before :) added a little lime and bone meal and will water with a P rich AACT as soon as they start flowering

Unlike in my scrog were i use kelp auxins to help stretch my ladies in the outdoor patch i use kelp rich in cytokinins to help them bush

Tiger Temple







Blue Dream x Temple
















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looking great :) stretching good now ad preparing to make some good flowers i hope :) How is your neighborhood? never had any troubles with all this plants?


Have a good grow man

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Hi Reaf, very nice outdoor grow my friend, awsome ladys there i had to laugh at the pic of ya dog he has that look of ( Damn im stoned)  :cool:


Peace Bushy.

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So many plants to coment on they are all beautiful ladies im glad the 1s under water survived it would be wicked to be able to grow out doors like you I only get 4 mouths if im lucky flowering time 20 or some weeks I bet the bud taste so nice what a reward at the end I always think your own weed taste better than others really nice reaf a pleasure just yo look at your ladies peace to you

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Thanks  , I have a large property with very high walls all round . There is no way for anyone to see my grow. Unfortunately in SA its still illegal but if you don'tdeal or cause trouble the police tend to leave you alone. Things are looking bright in our future in SA though as we have got a high court date for march next year and all the different parties fighting for legalization have united under one banner , very exciting times.


Thanks a lot bud :)


haha all my dogs are stoner dogs , they love there cannabis as much as their parents :)


Thanks :)


Thanks , growing in africa is awesome. I can grow all year round outdoors. Stick around and you will see some amazing colour in the colder months

Mini Update 

Just a few pics from around the garden  , growth this week has been amazing and most have just started to flower




Stems are getting thick



I am officially too short to measure my ladies without a ladder lol :)









Lastly , not cannabis but i am super excited. My first butternut hahaha





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Respect Reaf love the butternut all the ladies look big do you remember cotton candy from a fair or amusement park your plants our the same shap peace to you&your dogs

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Hi Guys :)

Bit of an outdoor update.

I had to put one of the huge swazi ladies as she was a boy lol sorry for the pcs , its really hard to get a good pic with the ladies so big :)

These ladies are easy growing i dont water or feed i just let nature take its course and if needed help but that hasn't been needed yet.







Bodhi Test Gow
















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Thanks so much for sharing, it does my heart well to see pictures of beautiful growing plants.  I can hardly wait to start up in the spring here in Canada.  Its been a crewel, snowy and freezing winter.  I look out at my backyard growing area and see over 2 meters of snow that needs to melt away and it hasn't started as of yet.  Today it was -19 as I walked the dog, but soon it will be time to plant again and I will share my grow once again on this forum.

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Your plants look fantastic! Large and lush, healthy and productive :) 


Lol give me envy, you have a beautiful garden! 


(Nice dog too;) )



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Quickie :)

Harvested 1 Bodhi seed test

Wet manicured weight 2.2kg

3.1m tall 1.6m wide

Tiger Temple





Top Cola 465g



Will give more of an update when today slows down a bit , i am very appy wit the outcome of the test and i must say top notch breeding.




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nice bush in the end damn 2,2kg  :tease:  sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet   :fans: must be a few grams of siccor hash there also :D

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Reaf you're nothing short of a legend for growing such lekker and BIG ladies in your garden :)

Great to see another like minded SA grower on the forums, will add you as a friend :)

peace brother 

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