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Hi everyone. I am new to using forums and I am sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I had seen a video on Green House Seed Co. website, the grow sessions video for El Nino, about 4:55. They say that they flush the plant on day 21 of flower with 6 liters of water. They then dry the plant out for 5 days before feeding it. My question to you is ho ould you do this with a DWC? I hope my question makes sense. Thank you very much!

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First off let me welcome you to Strain Hunters nice to have another new member aboard. :D

Why not post a bit about yourself and your grow set up in our introduce yourself section of the forums.

we'll be sure to say hi and welcome you a bit more ;)


OK to the meat and bones of you quetsion


I watched the video and have tried to look ate the differences in the hydroponic set ups ie.hydro with substrate vs. DWC

This is my best guess, hopefully a full time DWCer can add more.


The pots they are using are 65 liters.

Prior to flushing the nutrient solution is @1.3 EC

The amount of water they flush with is 60 liters , not 6 liters !

They are fllushing a hydroponic substrate (rock wool flakes, I think), DWC has no substrate to flush.

Due to the large amount of water used to flush,the substrate become saturated with water and is allowed to dry out for 5 day.This allows lots of oxygen to the roots.

The flush and the drying period means there is only a little nutrients in the substrate and the plant become hungry.

Then they feed with nutrient solution @ 1.8 EC and the plants blow up.



Nutrient solution @1.3 EC prior to nutrient change @ day 16 of flower.

No substrate to flush. Though you could clean the buckets of any residue on the sides.

Day 16 of flower ,change the nutrient solution to a weaker solution (I don't know what EC but try a quater strength feed)

As it is DWC there is no substrate to flush and there is always plenty of oxygen to the roots.

after 5 days (day 21 of flowering) change nutrient solution to 1.8 EC and hopefully the plants should blow up!


This is the best advice I can offer here.

Let us know how you get on and don't forget to post a grow journal so we can follow thier progress.

Adding lots of pictures to your journal will  help us evaluate your grow and so can add advice as to what care they may need.

I hope this helps.


Happy growing

peace & smokes


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