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Weed Star - Ziggy Jackson Bong

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Bought a new Bong yesterday. Very good price and the WEED STAR Bong works amazingly good- Well thought out gear with thick glass for 20 Euro !

A very happy customer.

This will do till I get a Roor one day.

A 10th of what i put in a spliff makes me STONED and high as a kite

A way to save on weed..till you get used to it..lol


Tell me about your Bongs and if you got a WEED STAR Bong


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good to hear you smoke less and get nicely toasted :D

No bongs but I do have a collection of pipes and a vaporizer, I don't smoke tobacco and as you said a little goes a long way if you smoke it right.

I plan to do a review of my Vaporizer soon.

Thanks for the info



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well if someone offers me a puff on a bong i will take it probably, but by myself i think i have just never smoked a bong, it just hits a little too much for me ^^ and it's too short lol usually i wanna roll a joint 5 minutes later :P


But for sure i still enjoy a good hit on good stuff and good glass :)

Have a good smoke man!

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One thing you must make sure when smoking glass you use a nice still little fresh or let's say tasty weed. If it gets real dry in a grinder it tastes harsh and is real ruff on the lungs, it always is compared to smoking a spliff but with a freshly crumbled sticky bud it goes down much better. Well I have to watch my weed a bit if I want it to last till the SLH or FBK is ready and with pure joints it is gone faster than expected. Eah spliff is around 1 gram..lol . Plus the high/stone is stronger - I still smoke a few spliffs anyway

Also bought some Blunts and those nice Jucy-Jay chocolate smoking papers, that are great for dryer buds - I also like those Blueberry rolls from Juicy Jay .. my daily number one choice - so much better than OCB !

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