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Hello from the uk

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Hi and welcome to the strain Hunters forum :)

I just gave you 2 likes because you quoting you first post was funny ;)

It is always nice to have  new  strain hunters members, we are a friendly,happy family, but i guess you know that from looking around the forums.

I hope you also got a lil of that respect for strain hunters seeds as well ( I know you do, just pulling your leg a bit ;) ) we like to have fun!

I see you seem to have  the hang of posting, if you get stuck try the FAQ section of the forum or ask myself or Dust.

Meet new friends and have a smoke on a forum? well yes you can just open Chat and kick back with other members. Be ready for the countdown because when it gets to Zero its time to fire it up. ;)

I'm sure you'll have fun and enjoy looking through the forums.

When your ready why not start a grow journal, where we can drop by and  lend a helping hand (if you need it), plenty of nice pics of your girls ,will surely bring a smile to many a face. :D


Have a good grow :D

Peace & smokes


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Welcome on SH forum man glad to have you among us :)


Like lams said don't hesitate to ask if ever you have a trouble on the board, and don't be shy and share all the plant porn you've got for us we will never say no to it ;)

Have a good discovering of the place

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Thanks lams and dust for the welcome I will be doing a a journal next week of my amnesia haze and nyc diesel :) hope you get chance to have a look and give me any tips :)

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We will be sure to come along for the ride! :) and give you some  support you when you need it.

I'm sure other Hunters will be sure to say some nice words and lend a helping hand too. :)

Supply us with as much detail as you can equiment your using,techniques your using,growing medium etc

Check out some grow journals and see what other members have written about thier grows,plus you'll get  to see some really nice buds.

Looking forwards to reading your grow journal



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