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Pots and repotting

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Hiya guys I was just wondering what would be the best pot size in litres to start a seedling off in and also is a 15 litre pot big enough to transplant it into for the final pot ?And also what week is best to transplant Into bigger pot would you say week 2 or week 3 of veg ? Many thanks peace out happy growing nerzo420

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I soak seed wait till they crack then in to jiify peat or coir plugs .

When I see nice roots then it is into  3" to 4" diameter (4.5cm to 6cm) pots.

when these have nice roots it is into 10 liter pots, 7 liter pots are also popular.

At this stage I also add a little mychorrizae fungus, which builds a secondary root sysrtem facilitating extra water and nutrient up take.

The bigger your pot the bigger your plant can grow before filling the pot with roots.

I grow organic for the seedlings and young plants I use BioBizz Lite Mix.

For Transplantingin to final pot , I use BioBizz All mix, I also add A little more perlite and some clay pebbles, to add a little silicon to the mix I add some "Dia Hydro" which is tiny prehistoric skeletons of aquatic creatures (which contains lots of silicon)

Silicon is useful for strong stems and leaves.

I also use BioBizz grow and bloom liquid feed and biobizz topmax, liquid seaweed plant growth stimulator and black strap molasses as a carbo boost.

Try  to read as many grow journals you can here in strain hunter, everyone does it slightly differently, but as you will see they all usually  end up with some nice looking buds.

Good luck with your grow, I look forward to watching it grow :D

Peace bro


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I'm gonna a germinate the seeds and I put them straight into a 3 litre pot with bio buzz light mix then repot after about 3 weeks veg into bio bizz all mix with a little bat guano and also some great white shark rooting powder and then leave for a extra week or so in veg then switch to 12/12, this is my first photoperiod grow I've only done autos before this which I wasn't to keen on, do you think that will work fine for my photoperiod grow as there soma seeds amnesia haze and new York City diesel so I want the best for them, I've also invested in the advanced nutrients line so im hoping I'll see a big difference using them :)

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Clay pebbles go throught the mix and a nice layer at the bottom for drainage and the root love the oxygen they get.

Soma is famed for his organic growing, so going all organic will be a great way to grow these strains.

Nice strains BTW.

With the Advanced nutrients I'am guessing you are going for the organic range?

White shark if my memory serves me , do a mycorrhizae application and is what I would use when transplanting to final pot.Thats just me though, follow your heart.

Out of interest what autos did you grow and why didn't you like them?

Also liking your silicon additive :)


Peace and happy growing



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If you put your clay pebbles inside the soil as well make sure they are really really cleaned and soaked for at least 24h to get all the powder off, if you don't clean it properly it can alterate your soil PH and eventually cause some burns as well when the roots come in contact, i've seen it happen 2 3 times in the past, so better be safe than sorry ^^ For myself as you might have understood i use to use the clay pebbles only on a bottom layer ;) but a lot of people put them in their mix you just have to clean them good :)


For your repots i think the 3L is a good start, and for your 15L it is a good size if you have at least 600w, or make long veg under smaller lighting, if you grow "regular" plants like you plan to do more or less, with no particukar long veg time, usually 11L is enough for most rooms, or the 7L like Lams said, but this is more when you grow in SOG condition or in coco, or for autos eventually :)


good luck man :)

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I use to start seedling directly in big pots ;)  and there isnt really a too early to transplant, it will just not be practical to do without the roots odling the soil ;)

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