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root coming out of bottom of pot

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Hiya I just noticed that I had quite a few roots coming out the bottom of my 15 litre pot, does this mean I'm root bound it's also only a super sonic crystal storm auto and still has a few week left, many thanks guys Nerzo420

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root bound no not necessary, it means mostly that you're roots have gotten to the bottom of the pots ^^  It is pretty normal at a certain age to see this happen, as they are exposed to the light normally the roots will not go a lot further and focus on the shaded part so you should be fine in 15L unless you see the plant start to really so down and get some troubles to eat, how long did you beg it?to check your roots, You can separate lightly the container by maing light presure on it to deform it slightly, when your soil is dry it will remain with the form of the pots and so you will be able to see between the pot and the medium and see how the roots are developping on the edges.


good luck man

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I'll give that a try when the soil has dried up thanks :) what should I look for am I wanting the roots to be at the edges? Or not? And it's a auto flower but I gave it 3 weeks under the blue spec light then switcted to red spec, this will be the last time I'm doing autos though as I'm changing my set up to a 400 hps in a 80x80x160 tent hoping they will be alot happier in there and can change to photoperiod then :) thanks for your help bro peace out

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yes they will be at the edge normally, this will allow you to check if you are root bounded, when you are really root bound all the edges are white and full of roots everywhere, it is normal t have roots on the edge you will know when you will see a root bounded plant that it must not feel confortable in those shoes anymore ;)

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Thanks alot for your advice it's helped alot :) also the roots coming out the bottom are huge haha I think that's because I used great white shark rooting powder when I repotted but dam there thick as hell haha

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