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what's the ideal temp for the lights of period

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Just a quick question what's the ideal temps for when the lights are of, I know it's best to matain around 75 f while lights are on I'm just unsure what the best temps for nights are many thanks Nerzo420

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I'd say around 10-15 degrees F below 75. If your plant has genetics to put out different colors and you want to accentuate them then a larger temperature difference from lights on to off is better.

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Many thanks for the reply :) so around 60f my temps have been dropping as low as 50 at nights is that a really bad thing? Will it cause alot of stress? Many thanks

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It will probably show signs of stress but not too much. I'd try to raise the temperature with a heating mat or something that increases the temperature at night a little more. I'd shoot for 60ish

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I've got a small tube heater I think around 40-60 watt will I be best setting that up on a timer for when the lights go off? Do you think that will solve it nicely? :) thanks for the help bro

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Hi man, 50F at night is a little low, now like it's been said it should not kill them but it will slow them a little if the strain doesn't like cold temps, some strains won't bother at all, but usuallly the best temps during night is to stay around  64°F 


Like phyziks said in end of flowering if you want your girls to show a little colors, you will need to have a gap between the day temp and the night of at least 50°F a little more if possible but don't go too cold ;) and also a good flush period with no nutes, it always helps a little for nice colors ;)

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Aloha, Are we talking substrate temperature or air temperature? I think the ideal situation is to control the substrate between 68 F & 72 F and the air temps a little higher 75 F.

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Hiya oldmarine were talking air temps :) mine have been dropping as low as 50 which isn't to good so I was seeing what people keep there temps at at night and also when the lights are on many thanks :)

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I always keep my intake and outake fans running 24/7 :) do you keep your fan that blows on the plants on during lights off period? many thanks

I Like to keep oscilating fans on after lights out. If you have two air movement  fans for example - one that is predominantly for air movement and oscilates & the other one lets say that blows air directly between the top of the crop and under the light and is stationary, so to stop the heat from scorching the tops.


The stationary one will not need to be left on , unless you need the extra air movement.


Where as the oscilating fan will keep the air nicely moving around and is constantly blowing in different direction, giving the air a nice mix.


still air and moisture is mold country, keeping the air and the oxygen in it moving will help stop this.


Sometime you may notice where one leaf is resting on top of another leave there will be beads of moisture,this is where the plants sweats through the stomata on the undersides of the leave and it condesates on the top of the leaf underneath. Again try to avoid this, as it is a site where fungus /mold.


By keeping the air moving and having a little movement in the canopy will let that moisture evaporate.


Air movement also helps promote stronger stem, which is good because it will help take the weight of heavy buds.


I also leave my intake fan on, my extractor fan is temp controlled and when lights go out fan speed control kicks in and reduces flow to a lower level.



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