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Can you prune a autoflower

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of course man! Always use dem feelings bro! If you feel they asking you for more light for sure cut em there and here so the sun can shine)) of course everything has its limit... but then again feelings man)) imho..

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High bud :)

Just my 2 cents , I grow out and test a lot of autos for a local breeder and I would say its very strain dependent. I have grown strain that can be topped pruned and messed with and it will just keep growing but on the other hand I have had autos that even if you remove 1 leaf it will stop growing in its tracks.



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I gave my auto a good prune and took some of the lower bud sights of that was going to be popcorn nugs hoping she will promote more growth to the top colas I just hope things work out fine because I did take abit off, peace out

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yes like reaf said it depends very much on the strain, but well all in all the risk is not too biig, in the worst case the plant will slow dwn a little for a week, but you should not have much problem if the conditions around the plant are good :)

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some of the super autos have a 5 week veg before auto kicks in , these can get massive and will take a a serious prune.

A trick with super auto's is to grow them in a 1 gallon pot until they show sex and thensplant the to 2 - 3 gallon pots.

this will shock/stunt them in the period where they would normally stretch like mad.

You end up with short plants that look like a massiive cola.

The Joint Doctor recomends this for his new strain ogre.

Of course if you got plenty of space no worries grow em tall, but its a nice little trick if you're space and height restricted.

Here is a video -

My first grow here was SuperCritical auto from GHS it was fimmed and prunned and scrogged and it loved it.

As mentioned earlie it is strain dependant an annapurna super auto can reach height of 2.5m and may take some wrestling in to shape, whereas no one gonna want to prune a betty boo or original lowryder..are they?? lol ;)

It horses for courses, only do it if it needs doing



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