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Htcc Vacation

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Just some photos of Amsterdam...

(it´s a seed sorting machine)
(last photo is just something outside my window)

And vids.
Before the consert

A little closer to consert

The consert

As you can see or hear it´s The Wailers...

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Nice pics of the the Dam, somewhere I haven't been and would love to see, although I have done a little tour of the Nederlands coffee shops in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem.

Funny sexy pig bong made me laugh and also like the honey covered dinosaur glass bong.

Looks like you were about to give creepy the weed clown a bunch of fives ;) lol

Also the guy in the Puffit costume made me smile, bought me a puffit last year and I love how stealthy it is, first time I used it out of the house was on a bus (tsk naughty me) not an eye was raised or an eye turned my way lol.

I like that I am not inhgailing smoke so much these day and the first hit mmm reaaly get all the terpin flavours mingling in your mouth.

Thanks toke for these great pictures,I guees it goes without saying you had a great time.

Peace brother


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Thanks Lam´s and yes i had the best time so far in Amsterweed.
I never figure you as a rascal Lam´s, lighting vaps on buses hehe, what about the smell?


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Oh toke, so many mispent years and still a bit naughty here and there ;) lol

But you know me stealthy when I need to be, The Puffit is a portable vaporizer that looks like a asthma inhaler. I bought the one that is the same colour as you would be prescribed by the doctor.

Ground weed goes in the top and put the cover on, press the top down for 2 seconds and the vape oven heats the weed to the desired temp.

The resulting vapor is not thick like smoke because no burnig happens , just hot air that vapes the thc etc.

The smell not as pungent on the exhale,but seeing as It was my first public vape, I blew the vape out a window, but have used it in many public places since and no one knew :D

The funniest thing is my mates ,who I have known for years, were saying things like "I never knew you had asthma" it was too funny, and i'd be there and say "yeah my asthma is quite bad at the moment" and then have another hit. They didn't smell anything as they were all smoking.

Of course it told them and showed them the vape and then they all had a blast on it. It was just nice for that small amount of time, to be getting wasted and them not know as I always refuse a joint, which never seems to stop people passing them to me.(though I will always smoke an all weed joint, but never tobacco). Before I bought the Puffit I was a pipe and bong smoker.


Now the plan is to get a home Vape, The Arizer Extreme Q is my Vape of choice here and I can say that from expirience.



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@lamsbread Oh please do you a favor and have a look at the vape market puff it is way outpassed by many devices.


Thanks for photos Of Amsterdam and vidéos wish i were there!! Oozidje voorburgvaal...


Went there years now.

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No need to do my self a favour, I am fully aware of the market and keep fully upto date, thank you. ^^

I'm not gonna  keep updating my vape every five minutes, unless your paying ;)

I have always liked the fact it is stealthy looking and you know what I get stoned when I used it.

I will be buying an Arizer extreme Q for home use in the near future as my outdoor vape is good enough for my needs when out and about.

I have used The Arizer extremeQ many times and I am happy With Arizer.

So that my friend is what I have and what I will be purchasing, I am happy with those choices for the time being, thank you for your concern. :)


Peace & smokes


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well i would have loved to see the pics but yet it's not working so i'll come back real soon t see this :) But i can see the vids, good memories :)


Thanks for sharing ero sensei

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now it's working :D 


Nice man thanks for the pics!! how did that seed machine work? i mean it as manual or electric? i didn't see it ^^

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I guess it was electric. Actually one of two machines i saw. Not as elaborated and technical as Ghsc awesome machine. This one was more of a seed sorting/counting machine and a very simple one at that. 

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