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Mr. GreenSpoon

How to keep Humidity in right way and %.

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Well here am i, with my new and first indoor 1m2 with 400HPS light and 1st week for 5 seeds already germinated in 5 Liters pots with Veg Soil.  

I wanna know which is the best way for keep humidity in right % range for whole process.  Now i have 32C and 20% Humidity at indoor.

 Its summer time in Buenos Aires.  Today we have 42C outside Its hell at the city


Thanks in advance


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hi man, well of course hte most easy and logical option is the air humifier, it will make a little water smoke that will propagate in your room, i think for a 1m² you would need the ones with 3 heads, but i'm not realy sure because i've never had to use one myself, but have a look at those they are pretty cheap and efficient for the beginning of groth, later when your plant will be older they should handle 30 40% without problem.  other ways more artisanal ^^ to get a little humidity is to put in the room where your tent is as much wet laundry as you can, everytime you wash something or have something wet you put it in that room if you do it long enough you will gain a few point of humidity but it won't be 30% for sure ^^


Fr the seedling stage you can try find some little domes that will fit above your plant, it will keep a moist environment around your plant, be careful to always let a little air or they will sufocate. I have done in the past this with water bottles with bottom cutted and a few holes for the air, usually it would last 1 or 2 week and should help  a little


Good luck man

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Yeah i agree with dust. :] Use little domes and mist the plat daily to keep either seedlings or cuttings at 70-80% humidity.  Check out this post, it demonstrates humidity domes and the use of them in cloning. A humidity dome can be tupperware or anything clear and plastic and almost air tight .



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