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Hi Animal :)


Always nice to see a Uk grower, growing out some nice uk cheese ;)


Girls are looking healthy! There are no signs of over feeding, over watering & no nute burn. So good job there brother :D


Grow tent is looking nice and clean, thats what I like to see, no debris littering the floor or in the pots! :) (noticed your broom in there too) :)


Is this your first time in coco or have you grown in it before? Coco is something I have yet to grow in,but is on my list to do,it always seems to give good result.


Why not start a journal in our Grow section of the forums, it is a great place to show us your girls and for members to drop by and to have a look and leave a reply.


Be sure to give as much info as you can, equipment, grow space dimensions,type of light & Wattage,size of pots, temps and of course the substrate , nutrients which you mentioned at the top of this post.


We love seeing nice pics of your girls , it also helps to see how they are doing and check thier health, so much easier to give advice with pictures.


Nice pics BTW :D


Have a good grow

Peace and smokes


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Thanks for your comments Lams, you can't beat a nice clean grow room/tent

I've been using coco for a couple of years now and always get good results, a pretty good yield and a rather nice smoke!

When I get 5 minutes I'll start a journal, always good to hear advise and get other growers opinions.

Keep on blazing bro!


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totally agree animal, clean grow room is the only way. :)


Looking at your plants, they looked to be in good condition and  knew what you were doing after a while using the smae substrate, you get to know how to diall it in and get the best results from it.


Just one more thing, I know your a Moto GP follower, Dust and Franco also both Like moto GP. What with the seasdon startingon March 23 2014 why not if you feel like it start a Moto Gp thread in the Chill Out section of our forum.


Peace bro, i'll be sure to keep blazing ;)


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Good to hear your enjoying it brother.

This is the place Ilike to call home on the interweb. :D

I hope you will too. ;)


peace brother


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hi man thanks for sharing your lady she looks nice with  her wide leaves, only thing i might say is she looks juuuust on the edge of a very very very slight too much nutes, do you give her sometimes a good watering with only water?  but it's nothing serious and it could just be because the pic is too dark and the girl a little thirsty ;)

So thanks for sharing i move your thread to the correct room because this one is only for the GHS strains ;)


have a good grow

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Hey Dust thanks for your comments bro! And thanks for moving the thread to the correct place, my bad still learning my way around the place :)

I've just been giving them my normal amount of feed so far, I had just re potted them about 30 mins before I took the pics so maybe that's why they look a bit thirsty,

Would you recommend just a little water and if so how much?



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