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Collecting and making/using hash from harvest

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Hey guys, harvest day is fast approaching for me and i was just wondering what you guys do with your large amount of cuttings and the crystals that fall off stalks of buds as you cut her down and seperate bud from stems for hanging/drying.


Just talk about some of what you do with that stuff that comes off the plant besides the buds. Making hash, tea etc. Id like to know what your differet methods and experiences are so please be descriptive :)

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I use all my trimmings for cannamilk .its a milk , cream , cinnamon , ginger , nutmeg , vanilla and a few other spices all simmered for an hour and strained and drunk. Its an extremely relaxing drink . it washes over you in waves of warmth and happiness :)



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with my trimmingi almost always made some hash, by shacking or by using gravity and water, or BHO ^^ but more often water hash with the leaves.

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sugar trim BHO and dry sift , still havent invested in bubble bags.

Fans leaves I like to cure them long and slow untill all the chloraphyl is gone and then use for tobacco substitue.

It is a nice treat for me as i don't smoke tobacco and I use this if I want to smoke a spliff.


Cured leaf




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