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Cannatonic from seed to harvest

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Today I finally receive the Cannatonics, I get this strain because an article in a magazine from spain.


During the Spannabis fair in Barcelona 2009, at the stand of CANNA, 2 different sample of Cannatonic tested high on THC and CBD (see results 12 and 13 in the link here below) . An amazing result considering that expensive pharmaceutical products like Sativex have this 1:1 ratio between THC:CBD - a ratio very difficult to find in Cannabis where the biochemestry of the plant pushes to either have a THC or CBD domaniant variety.



I put them in a glass jar & will follow GHSC germination instructions.


we'll see how these babes work out.

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After 24 hrs in the glass jar I tranfer the seeds to paper towells.


Today after 14hrs in the towells, 2 out of 3 pop up.


I 'll trafer them to Jiffys & meassure their need of water by weight & water them by hand. Hope the 3rd one pops up in the next day or 2.

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Hello guys... Thank you all for your comments. After 12 hours approx. the third seed pop so I place it in the Jiffy too. Then instead of handwatering the jiffys I place them in the 10 galon Aero, hopping to avoid handwatering & to tested if is true that once place in a Aero/DWC system, the hummidity & other factors helped in a fast develovement of the germination process, here a pic of the small system I'm reffering to:




After 24 hrs, all 3 pop, I numbered them as they germinate, here's Cannatonic 1:


Cannatonic 2


& Cannatonic 3


This "babe" still has the "helmet" on, hope she get rip of it by her self in the next 24hrs.

Things seems to be ok with this girls. I took the net out of the jiffys & once the roots started I'll flush the jiffy tottally out so the plants stay in a dry medium.

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Well, it’s been a while since I don’t update the post, first have to mention that by accident with a lamp I killed 2 Cannatonics, the Cannatonic 1 was not hurt. Also Jaime from Resin Seeds reply to my complain about the fem Yummies getting 1 male, he did not have more Yummies available so he send me 14 seeds of Cannatonic that came along pretty good, I germinated 1& pop open in the jar with water so I planted& she's looking very good.

Here some pics of Cannatonic 1


& here is Cannatonic 2


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I'm sorry for your loss!

But they sent you 14! Wow!

Very good! They will have even more power then the ones you lost, my friend!

They look good!

Keep them coming!

take care

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Nice strain, sorry for your losses. But after rain there's sunshine right? Looks like if you smoke one of that it shoots you straight to the space. Would be nice to read a smokereport at the end

good luck with your grow. Gr Rbud

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Romeu... Yes, the guys were very generous, I wanted to try this strain & think is going ok, thanks for your comments my friend & we'll see how it goes.

tokage ...The strain is from a seed bank out of Spain call Resin seeds, they have been around 4 a while & they won the 2008 HTCC Sativa 3rd place with Cannatonic, but what really got my attention is the CBD content describe above, don't think I'll get it that high but at least has to feel/somoke/effect a bit different... we'll see...

RealBudz... I'll be more than glad to give u the somoke report ASAP.

Thank u all for stopping by.

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Well almost two weeks pass by, so here an up date of this babes.

Cannatonic 1 is the older babe & looks fine.


Cannatonic is younger, she looks very good too.


Things are going ok for the momment.

That will be all.

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Guest superbluehaze

hi mate,

How much light are you giving them?

it is a very interesting strain.

I think they may have strached a bit, but they will come good.

give them as much light as you can and as close as you can.

good luck, my friend;

happy growing,


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Hi John.... They were under 2 Grolux fluorecents 3 inches above the plants using an EC=0.85 & PH=5.8, just move cannatonic 1 to the second level under 2 fuorecents 1 cool white & 1 warm & using a EC=1.45.


Her roots


Cannatonic 2 remains as she was.


On the third step they will be under 160w's CFL's.

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Thanks Tokage & Romeu... Hope she keeps branching like she been doing & she'll be a fantastic mother, I'm planning to do a SOG with 10 clones in it.... we'll see my friends.

Thanks for stoppinp by bros!!!!!.

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& the Cannatonics are doing very good. Cannatonic 1 formed a very nice "Mother Plant· structure & Cannatonic 2 seems to be a different pheno, very different internot distance.

Cannatonic 1 & 2


Cannatonic 1


Cannatonic 2


Since I'm going to work this strain by SOG with 10 clones I decided to built a second mother out of Cannatonic 2.


At the end of next week I'll take 2 more clones from Cannatonic 1.

That's all my friends.

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