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Seed Testing is back !

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I stil have no idea how to put any words or numbers on this - I would need a real calendar I can write on, then i can take pictures of it. I am on a Mac and there are no programs I know about, which would allow me to do any writing on top of a JPEG, . so it seems I must do without it ..

I use google picassa for all my editing , its free and works on a mac




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well I d/l the paintbrush but I have no clue how to edit thins on the calendar. Calll me stupid but i am not gonna waste time on that shit no more. I water whenever i see the girls need it, trying to get the right ph and EC. Since I have no working EC meter and only a liquid with a color scheme tany figures would be incorrect anyway. I will give the necessary data like usual ..

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i just want to know if there is any chance to send me some seeds to test, that would be very useful to me and greatly appreciated because here in my country (Argentina) is undergoing an economic and political crisis complicated purchases of imported . thank you  green house guyz 


bless all


bye! :D



Yes of course for the next batch send me a PM and you will get some :)

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haha another good surprise from MAC i didn't know there were no editing program in it ^^  I think it's a lot of free soft in the Apple store like PaintBrush, a very quick google should give you few names ;)  Otherwise like you mentionned you can print it and take photos if it's more easy like this :)


But damn MAC surprise me everyday hihi, imagine my face when i discovered you needed to buy additional CD player on 3000e Imac to read a CD hihihi..  But well it's true it works great ;)

download adobe cloudapps 

and you'll be fine for the revieuw period about 30 days of use!

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Hallo ,  i´m Rigash and i want to be a Tester.I hope i can Help .I´m 35 years old and in my Time i like to make n hear Music.I come from the lovely Germany and i´m happy to the see the strain hunters vidz from countrys so faaaaaar away.

You have questions or so ? write  and i hope i can answer.

have a nice day and

lovely greetz 

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Hello rigash, for the moment there isn't batch of seeds, it will come very soon, but to be able to be a tester you need to be a little bit more on the forum, we take people that have shared with us some nice grows on the forum, and have proven to have good growing skills that we could benefit from :)  Also if you help the people around or share your tips and things like this it helps of course ;)


Have a good day man!

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i live in Colorado US. I really wished i could get some seeds but damn... Ive ordered seeds before and they shipped to me before no problem, from seedbanks outside the US. Maybe there is a creative solution since i live in a place where it is 100% Legal to grow and own and smoke marijuana. :0

 Hi, If you have your own seeds then you can test your seed quality by using Automatic Seed Analyser which tests the quality of seed within 24 hours and very easy to use. For more information  FB: Automatic Seed Analyser

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Today i nave start to grow one KING KUSH, one MENDOCINO PURPLE KUSH and there is two plant of OPIUM that are in seedling stare from 3 day.

I am starting for see this new strain that i never grow in the past.

As soon as i will be can, i send the image.

But when you search any people for test for my secondo time some new strain, i am ready ad in the past.....

Nave a good night, from Italy,..............


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Hy Dust.

Today am starting to grow tour new strain new for me.

2 OPIUM are in seedling stage from 3 data, and there are in terminati in stage 1 KING KUSH and 1 MENDOCINO PURPLE KUSH. Now i will be see it........

As soon as i can, i send some images....

But, after my past seeds test with the ICE DREAM and THE WHITE LEMON, am ready to try your other new strain.

Nello and nave a nice night......


P.s. Sorry for my bad english....

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this needs a update. can you contact franco for seed testing and he should say yay blabla send address and he will send.


please put me down for test and nutrients aswell as im really wanting to upgrade my nutes. hmm been a while too so mention that to him and he should do this. liven the forum up a bit.

tbh forums changed. I been a approved tester and normaly get what ever I ask for but have been off the seen a while, never the ess franco still send me free beans!


chat to him duty as its been a while and it gets them mega recognition. ask hmm for some s1s and what ever his messing with himself right now so we can give him feedback.

take care. plz pm me if any news.

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