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Reaf's DIY Chillum


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High Everyone

I know this is not a grow room design it may just help with a grow room design :) and hopefully if there is enough interest we can convince the admin we need a DIY section


Sorry for the poor picks as this was done a while ago :)
First i would like to say , This is how i do it i by no means say its the only way. I was shown this way when i lived in the rasta community in knysna and i have been doing it ever since.

Step 1
Selecting a piece of wood.
You can select a nice hard wood or any wood from a fruit tree. I personally like to make them out of the stems of ladies , i just think there is something irrie about it  


Step 2
Carve your piece of wood to the shape and pattern you like. I recommend carving your wood green as it is a lot easier to carve green.


Step 3
Drill out your bowl , i used a 16mm paddle bit for this one but any size will do , just don't make your bowl to big as it will get very harsh 


Step 4
Once all the carving has been done the chillum now needs to be dried. I found one of the best ways is in a paper bag in the oven at 50 degrees for a few hours , the time depends on the wood selected.

Step 5
Now that the wood is properly dry its time to start treating it. I like to soak my chillums in olive oil for 2 days take it oil , let dry and rub off excess oil .Some people like to brush on the oil but i found soaking it is way easier. The olive oil is one of the main things that stops the wood burning.


Step 6
Get about a tot of vodka/whiskey and put the bowl into the vodka , take it out and lite the vodka and let it burn. repeat this process until the bowl gets a thin black layer in it. Never let the wood actually catch ablite , you are just starting to blacken it.


Step 7 
Take the leftover vodka and make a 50/50 mix of honey and vodka and stick the bowl into the mixture and lite it , let it burn a bit and repeat the process 3 times. Every Time you burn you must dunk it back into the mix while still hot so it sucks the mix into the carbon
By now the bowl should be getting very sticky and black from the honey and burning.

Step 8
let the bowl soak in the mix for 30 min the wrap the bowl in tinfoil. Burn the bowl with the tinfoil on until you start getting a burn sugar smell . Take the foil off and dunk in mixture , repeat this process until the bowl is nice and burnt.


Step 9 
Wipe off all excess oil/honey/soot . Take a dab of pure honey ,rub it into the bowl and place the chillum in the oven for 1h at 60 degrees.



Step 10
Wipe clean again , stack bowl and enjoy   


The first few bowls will always be the worst as you have to break it in. I find the honey and burning makes and wood really hard and have yet to wear out any made of a lady even though its a soft wood
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:yahoo: Top man Reaf :D


sweet DIY and an awesome chillum, I thought your DIY was gonna be a scrog screen lol :P


Very nice step by step guide, now all we got to do is grow a masisive plant , for two reasons.


1.   so we can all make chillums from our trees ;)

2.   so we have plenty of herb to smoke throught the chillum. :D


Thank you for stepping up and doing a DIY for us love the can do attitude!!


Hopefully you will post some more DIY's for us to follow and make :D


It would also be cool to see other DIY projects our members have done!!


Anything like a home made CO2, filters, hydro pots, pipe bongs, if you have made it ,I would love to see what you have made & how you made it.


I know we have some clever people here and look forward to seing more ingenius & fantastic DIY's like REAF has shown us!!




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That will be soooo cool Reaf :D


Don't hurry on my account, I do get excited about seeing how to make groovy stuff for my grow room.


We have already seen your scrog screen and very nice they are too.


Now being able to see how to make them step by step will be such a help!


I'll have to see if I can also find something to make and share, but may take a little longer as work is crazy right now.


Take car my friend



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yes awesome DIY man, very nicely done and the result seems very nice :) S with those kind of chillum you manage to really make the bowl hard enough to never burn? or it still has some kind of lifetime? like after 100 bowls it starts to die.


Thanks for sharing this nice piece man anytime you want more don't hesitate ;) And i'll probably open a DIY room also it would be usefull and makes sense :)

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Thanks Guys :)

Unfortunately they do have a lifetime as i make then out of cannabis stems and its not a very hard wood. They last me about a year with medium use , so basicly from  1 outdoor harvest to the next large outdoor harvest.

If you use harder wood it will last much longer  , i smoked one that was 16 years old once. Sitting there smoking a bowl thinking about how much cannabis had been burnt in it was mind blowing :)




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