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Lams Mixed Auto's LED Grow

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Lams just thought I would ask the viper led is it as good as you hoped or better because it looks like a good light I have a 300w switchable veg&flower but once the plant gets a certain size is just not powerful to reach hole plant did not get ript off I was expecting to much as it was only 160 GB thanks

Hey nicc :)

So far it would seem to be doing well and has a greater depth of intensity than my E-shine LED.

Having said that my E-shines have good depth of penetration with 90o lenses , the Vipar has 80o lenses  and needs to be higher .

So far the vipar seems to be doing a good job, hopefully later in the year I will do a side by side comparison.

There is a slight difference in Wattage , The E-shine have 185W actual draw and the Vipar has 150W actual draw so there is only 35W differnce.

It will be nice to see what the out  come is.


E-shines cost £299.99 each, for 185W actual draw but have recently seen them for £259.99

The Vipar was £200 for 150W actual draw

Peace bro


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Thanks for the news man, lik the guys said sorry to read about the little light stress, but well no you said everything was undercontrol and daily checked so i'm sure they'll jump  back ;)


Have a good grow man

Thanks dust :)

Yeah just raised the lights and growth  went back to normal apart from a little bleaching and some funky colours on the older leaves ;)

Flowering doesn't seem to be affected everything is ticking along nicely.

Just looked at the other 3 plants and they are having a stretch and will make a noticeable difference in next update.

Peace bro


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Hi bluesky :)

Here's a couple of articles on too much light you may find interesting, I have highlighted the section which talks about LED's.


Cannabis likes especially bright light.... but not too much light

marijuana-more-light-equals-more-buds-smWhen growing cannabis, the mantra when it comes to lights is usually "More is better!" To be honest...it's true! More light usually is better!

You see, light is like "food" for your marijuana plants. When plants are growing very slowly, but aren't showing signs of other problems, the cause is often that they aren't getting enough light.

The amount of light you give your plants is strongly correlated with how much buds your plants will produce during the flowering stage.

Learn other ways to increase yields

Unfortunately, more light is not always better. Marijuana plants can be fickle. You want to give them very bright light... but not too much light.

When marijuana plants are young, they are weak and cannot tolerate much light at all. Yet as they get older, and especially in the flowering stage, marijuana plants want almost all the light they can get.


The problem of too much light often occurs indoors, when your grow lights are too close to the plants. This essentially gives them their own version of sunburn.

Young plants, seedlings and new clones are especially prone to suffering from too much light.

When growing outside... It's uncommon for mature marijuana plants to get too much light when they're growing outside, though young seedlings can still get light stress if they're transplanted into direct sunlight. 

The intensity of a grow light that is too close will dry up a plant, and turn the edges of its leaves brown and crispy, almost like nutrient burn.

High Pressure Sodium(HPS) lights have the meanest reputation for 'light-stressing' plants, but many of the newer, more powerful LEDs(Light Emitting Diodes) and even CFLs(Compact Fluorescent Lights) do it, too!

Learn more about grow lights

How can you tell if there's too much light?

The main way you know your plants are suffering from light burn is if only the leaves closest to the lights are affected.

What to Do: Most importantly, pay attention to your plant and watch out for signs of light stress, which will only affect the parts of the plant closest to your grow lights.

For HPS, Metal Halide and CFL grow lights, use the 'back of your hand' test.

Back of Your Hand Test - For MH, HPS, CFLs and T5 grow lights

  1. Set up your grow lights and turn them on (make sure they've had time to warm up)
  2. Gently place your hand - palm down - right above the tallest part of your plant
  3. Wait 10-30 seconds
  4. If the heat coming from the light feels too warm for your hand, then it's going to be too much light for your cannabis.

LEDs generate very little heat, but can still light-stress plants, so it's best to keep high powered LEDs (above 90 watts) at least 10 inches away from your plants. When the individual bulbs are bigger than 1W (for example if it has 3W or 5W bulbs), you'll want to keep the lights even further away, up to 2-3 feet for some of the newer, extremely powerful LED grow lights.

It's hard to make exact rules about how far LED grow lights should be from your plants, as each model is so different, so start with trusted lights that are proven for growing marijuana, and just be aware of the possibility of light stress. Start LED grow lights further from your plants than you think you should, and slowly move lights closer each day until you've found the "sweet spot."

To determine if your plant is getting light stressed from LED grow lights, you use the appearance of your plant's leaves to determine if the lights can be moved closer.

If leaves closest to the lights start showing signs of stress (leaves turning brown/crispy or buds being bleached white), move the lights further away.

Use extreme caution when attempting to move your grow lights closer, and avoid moving them more than an inch closer in a day, so you can watch the plant's reaction.

copied & pasted - http://www.growweedeasy.com/growing-marijuana-plant-problem-deficiency



Too much heat or light


symptoms: The cannabis plant can only withstand a certain amount of heat and light. After a certain point, your plant will start exhibiting signs of stress on the leaves near the sources of light and/or heat. Your leaves will get yellow or brown brown spotting and may appear generally burnt in places. The first two pictures are of heat stress, and the last picture shows a marijuana plant which is showing signs of light burn (too much light).





How to fix it: Find a way to lower the temperature and/or increase the circulation in the grow room or grow area if heat is the problem. If your marijuana plants are just getting too much light, try removing some of the lights or moving your lights further away from the tops of the plants. When learning how to weed, it's best to try to keep things at a comfortable room temperature at all times for optimal growth.

copied & pasted -http://gr0wing.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/marijuana-problems-symptoms-how-to.html



For my grow Temps have been between 24C-27C and soil is PH 6.5 with excellent air extraction and movement.

My LED's have virtually no heat coming from them, so heat stress is ruled out, they also did not show signs of heat stress, such as sides of leaves curling up.

Adding C02 would have made the plants more able to take high light levels, but young emergant leaves would still be affected.

I don't have CO2 and the plant most affected was still in veg just about to go into flower, lights were raised and problem stopped.



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Damn Lamsbread!

Thank you for the very detailed response man I never dreamed I'd get such an in depth reply~!~!

I feel like I just took a quarter long class on the subject of light burn!!!

After reading this post through twice I am starting to wonder if I mite be experienceing this same phenomenom on my Budget CFL grow... I have been going super lite on the food this hole time but still seeing crispy tips just like the heat stress photo's... any chance to much wind could cause a plant to appear as if it was heat burned?


Thank you again lams you rock!

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Sorry lams did not see price ov leds a lot ov companies are putting there lights at 250 to 350 instead off 1000 pound&getting ripped off well the good companies. I would like a new led but got things I need first led will be extra light I think led&hid lamps mixed brings out the colour in the plants a lot more than than if lights our on there own purples&really nice coloured buds some off smokeys mixed journals the colour in yhe buds is second to none it looks like it should my mates is the same taste&smoke is the same but colours our different but some plants sometimes the bud done with led is more oily we have noticed a lot more on some plants you could talk for ever I think about leds

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