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please help To pH nightmare

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So I started using ro water thought it was odd to have to pH up all the time. Last harvest some plants got fried thought I was too heavy on the nutrient bitonicare pro bloom. Now just upped the feedings to not even half recommended feeding seeing them start to burn. Looked up to water and been using an Eco 2 tester seems can't get solid reading with the ro flushing as we speak. Also had clones in 1 gallons doing great just did some research and don't want them to fry too. What can I do here? This is terrible. HELP!!!

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hi man, well maybe what yo uthink is burning are not from over nutrition and maybe your plant are hungry, but wiithout pictures it would be really hard to say, can you try to upload some?


And tell us also what PH do you read even if ou can't get a straight reading, how much does it wary?

Have a good day and good luck

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pics arnt great but brown dying fan leaves hairs on lower flowers getting that burnt look been using very minimal nutrient because this happened before when i made the switch to ro water added cal mag but this is no good i am ph at 6.2 on my meter it is caliberated but from what i have been reading ro water and alot of meters dont work well together.




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thanks for the pics man, before becoming brown they all curl down like i see on the picture or it is 2 diferent symptoms you have?  The curled leaves like this does indeed look like some nitrogen toxicity, but i think it is probably the old leaves that were afected before when you gave a little too much? normally those leaves will never uncurl so you should take them away and se if they keep making new curling leaves like this or not. If they don't make any more curling leaves and just become brown then it could be that she is hungry now as you give only low dose, you stoped the calmag completely or still give a little sometimeS?

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Afternoon gents!

A mate of mine was having similar problems with his leaves drying out and looking burnt and crispy, after some investigating it turned out to be his faulty ph meter, his meter was reading 5.8 when it was actually 3.2, got a new meter and problem solved.

Hope this helps and you get the problem sorted soon mate!


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It is a good idea to have some calibration fluid to check if your PH meter readings are accurate.


Like Dust said it looks like Nitrogen toxicity, often reffered to as "The Claw" or "Devils Claw". This was one of my first over ferilizing mistakes I ever made!


Fill a similar size container to your res with RO add nutrients, mix and leave it to sit a few hours, measure PH and correct with up/down.

Leave it again and  do another check with ph pen.


Hopefully this will help, I don't use RO and it's been a while since I last did hydro but it is worth trying.


A regular hydro grow may come along and add more detailed advice.


Thanks for the pictures, as Dust said they really help to see the condition of your plants and the symptoms.


Start a grow journal and will can come along and keep an eye on her, plus we just love to see our members grow journals and the pretty buds getting bigger as she blooms.


Peac & smoke


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