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Anger managment

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I am pretty angry, Though as soon as I light up marijuana I am automatically happy. I got mad at something and to solve it I smoked marijuana. I no longer feel mad. :spiteful: This plant has so many benefits! Has anyone came up with an exact number as to how many benefits there are? If not we could start one somewhere!? , I'm looking for numbers but what benefit has it had for you?

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I've had that feeling also sometimes, i'm not naturally an angry guy so it didn't really happen a lot to me, but yeah few times i've lighted a joint angry, you start thinking and calming down a lot more quickly, i don't know for sure what it is due to, but as we know the canabinoid receptors we have in the brain are playing a role in the emotional circuit of our body, so it is probably the reason but to go deeper on the medical side, i can not i don't have enough knowledge on this ;) I'm sure a few clicks on google and you will find some contents :)

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Marijuana is just great at calming everything, I can be bit of a hot head when the girlfriend is trying to annoy me but a good smoke sorts it out,

In all my years I've never seen an angry stoner! :)

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I have never seen an angry stoner either. When I was in school I know my friends would always smoke it before a fist fight. I noticed that those that smoked it before a fight ended up winning more then those that didn't smoke it. I am sure not being angry helps  some win in fight situations. I'm sure it helps take the pain away from getting hit to make you hit harder. :comando:

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