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Sweet Mango Automatic 250W

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Hi Strain Hunters,


I´m starting a new grow with 3 Sweet Mango Auto,



Cultibox-SG Combi (0,8x0,8x1,60);

- Extractor TT DUAL 100 145-187 m3/h;

- HPS 250W;

- Extactor en linea 105m3h; (putting air in);

- 2 fans;



- Atami ATA ORGANICS (Root-C; Growth-C; Bloom-C; Alga-C; Flower-C; Bio Bloombastic; Flavor;)

- Soil - Atami BIO Growmix mixed with Guanakalong, 50ml for 11l pot.

- BM from GHE;

- Power Feeding from GH. (Grow (mother-plants for veg, Hybrids for flo);


I'm going to try for the first time the "Power Feeding", and i'm going to do only in one of them, the other 2 i'm going to do a chart from atami and what i actually think they need.







Today was the day to put the girls on the soil, after being 72 hours in wet paper-towel, with warm water.



Sweet Mango Automatic #1 : Power Feeding Mother Plant (grow) 0,3g for 1,5l ph:5.8; 

Sweet Mango Automatic #2 & #3: Root - C 1,5ml, Growth - C 1ml, Bloom - C 1ml, BM GHE 0,2 1,5l, ph:6.5; 






see you at the next post

Greetings to all Hunters!!!

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Nice set up you are staying with 250w hps there is people on here using 400w and having really good results so if you do keep 250w hps it will be good to see what yields you get me&my friends have been using powder feed by gh it is easy and you get good results at the moment my friends are getting a lot better than me.peace to you

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nicc1976 hey man, thanks for the post, i know i can use 400W in that growbox, i have another grow, a box with the same measurements with (4 sweet seeds 3cream mandarine and one black cream) and in that grow i run the 400W, with a better extraction etc, today i will put here a pic o them, with the Sweet Mango grow i will run the 250W until the end. peace

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like i said nicc1976 here is the pic from my another grow under the 400W, they are 4 autos from sweet seeds they are now with 18 days of life and the 400W MH, in some days i will change for the HPS when they show signs of pre-flowering. peace to all




Sweet Seeds 3x Cream Mandarine + 1x Black Cream

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Hey man nice clean start for that journal :) Glad to see you worked it out, and that the ladies are unning hapily, both room look good and clean and i wish  a good grow i'll stick around to follow it ;)


Have a good grow keep us updated

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