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Short survey about growbox/room

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I would like you to complete short 2 minutes survey about qrowbox/room.

I'm making somekind of market research. I need 5 posts before I post a link, so if you want to help me, send me a pm for link.


Thank you!

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I'm on my way to develop "growbox controller" and I would like to know how people would like have this kind of device ...

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sounds nice, well you could start by ask your questions here then ^^  the 5 posts should come up soon enough ;)

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Hey bfm

Welcome to the forums :)

Why not introduce yourself in our introduce your self section of the forums.

We will be sure to give you a nice welcome. :D

It will also give you your 5th post ;)

It sounds like you have an interesting project, have you made a controller before?

We love to see memebers grows, maybe start a grow journal and we come along and have a nice read and some pictures too :)

Peace & smokes


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Thanks for your welcome :)

I made some other things, but never controller like this. This is my newest project :) (beside new growbox :D )

If I "analyse " your responses, it looks like people might like device like this :) I might relese my project as opensource ...

so here's link http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/luksorzi/growbox-controller/

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Post 5 has been achieved ;)


I would love to see your grow box , will you post us some nice pictures?

Sounds like you a handy person and wish you success with your project.

Look forward to finding out more, keep us posted. ;)

Peace bro


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I'll post them as soon as I finish it. Currently I waiting for material to arrive :)  (can take quite long time - ebay :P )

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