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Hey there everyone. I am a new aspiring grower from the U.S. I am interested in indoor growing mainly hydroponics with newer equipment (not anything too serious, as i am on a budget and doing a stealth grow) and i am rather intrigued by LED lights. i also would like to learn which medium is best for me to grow in as well as nutes. Maybe one day i can grow large crops with massive yields. haha Cheers everyone and stay high.

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Hi man welcoem on SH forum :)


Always glad to have new US among us so far and so close at the same time ^^ i hope you will enjoy your stay around here, you should be happy if you look infos on LED you will find many threads talking about it and one of them made by Lams one of our mod should answer all your questions ;)


If you have any problem on the fourm send a PM to anyone in the Moderator team and we'll do our best to help you out :)

Have a good discovering of the place!

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yes welcome indeed :D

You'll  sure to be having a good look round the forums , there is many a nice grow to see ;)

Seems you have been making new friends already :) we have a nice friendly forum, with that family feel and have great membes who will to lend a hand if and when  needed.

Start a grow journal and we will join you in your journey, we can also answer questions you have and give advice if needed.

Any questions on LED's I wiilll (as Dust said) help you where ever I can.

peace & smokes


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Awesome.  I haven't started growing yet i want to get a good list of equipment and it will probably just be a CFL grow for now. As far as LEDs are concerned I'm am just interested in efficiency:yeild i have been wondering about coco as well as looking into Power feeding 

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