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For Lam´s

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Morning Lam´ :)
My friend wanted me to ask you what kind of led you would go with if you had a budget of 800-1000 euro and where the best place would ve to order that led?

Thx Bud

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Mornin Toke :)  (and it is morning , just woke up lol)

Currently the light that has the most success in documented grows is the Grow Northern MS006 which is £249.99  --  http://www.grownorthern.co.uk/index.php/online-store/ms-0006

Here is a wall of fame - https://www.autoflower.net/forums/f109/grownorthern-wall-fame-16596.html

Grow Northern are also now in partnership with a dutch seed bank who are now also selling them.


I am using 2 x E-shine DS 200 I like this light. I started off with one and bought another this light is identical in spec to Advancedled.com's diamond series lights, the two companies worked together to design the light and went thier separate ways. Advanceled diamond series have some nice grows on youtube.

I get good results with this light.

Currently this light retails for £259.99 - £299.99 depending where you buy.

E-Shine DS200 aka EliteGrow 200http://www.elitegrow.co.uk/shop/elitegrow-pro/

E-Shine DS200http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/led-grow-light-100-x-3w-7287.html

Advanced led lights Diamond Series - DS200 this light retails for $545 USD / £330 not including shipping from the States.


I have recently bought a Vipar B2X3 which I am currently testing and have not yet put through a grow yet, it has a slightly different spectrum to my DS200's.

So far in veg it is doing well. Instead of having 11 bands like my E-shines it has 2 red bands 2 blue bands and the other parts of the spectrum is filled by warm white LED's .

The Vipar does not have IR or UV as the E-shines do. More to come on this light when I see what it can do.


I let you have a look at these and you can ask questions if you like. :)

If there is a specific light your friend is looking at, tell me the make and model and I'll be sure to comment on it.

There are other LED lights I like the look of but don't have the links to grows or personal expirience with. Looks like I may have to buy more LED's just to test them, even though I can't fit any more into my grow space lol.




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I will take a look with my buddy when he visit on sunday. So for that amount of money he is willing to spend, would you agree that he should buy 2-3 of those leds instead of one very expensive? 

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To answer that I would need to know what light he is looking, so i can look at the  specs.

Making a comparison is impossible otherwise.

Also would be handy to know the size of the grow space.

Peace bro

Lams :)

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