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Plant Of The Month Contest - February

Plant Of The Month Contest - February  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Which plant is your favorite?

    • bh4vn35h and his Afgooey
    • kerbiili and his Phatt Fruity
    • gonzo and his AK47
    • luuucho and his Purple Kush
    • Vertox and his Blueberry X Sumogreen
    • Navaroxx and his Killing Field
    • Slimjim and his Church

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We are now accepting nominations for the plant of the month contest.
Please submit a photo or video of your best plant.

Once all nominations are in we will all start to vote in the POLL for a winner, we will keep the contest going until the last few days of the month.

The winner will recieve a badge that says ... Plant of the month winner

1. Entry must be original photos or short video of your own plants.
2. Your entry can include photos/videos of the plant. You can add an object as a reference for size or, a closeup( A.K.A) macro shot. You can have a maximum of 2 photos/videos but, they have to be of the same plant.. Also, you CAN NOT.... add, change, or delete your photos/videos once you have added them to the contest. Make sure you upload your photos to the strain hunters server.
4. No voting for yourself ... if you vote for yourself your entry and vote will be removed. Only one vote per person.
5. Don't enter in the contest previous entries.

6. you have to vote in the POLL for your vote to be counted in, you can also post a comment to tell us for who you voted, but only the POLL will count for the results.

If you do not read the rules and your entry is not in compliance with the rules. Your entry will be taken down and you can not enter again till the next contest.

Hope everyone enjoys the contest and plays fair

good luck everyone

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Hi guys,

Just incase I'm breaking any rules I'll just say now that I haven't grown for a good few months and this girl was one of my last. It's not a recent picture but I'm just dying to be a part of this again, lol :) If I'm disqualified for some reason it's cool :)

It's another AK-47, lol, sorry :) This girl was a fast flowerer, had very fat calyxs within 8 weeks. I had pre-trimmed her before the chop and snapped her with my new camera :) Oh the memories :)


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All good man the plant has to be yours and alive on the picture :) And she is  a beauty for sure! Good luck for this month!

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Wow friends, 



strains really lovely, thanks for sharing with everyone!

Very loving blueberry also, opinio that always brings power / effect their crosses :)


You may also indicate the taste and effect of their strains? (if smoked clear)




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damn it's getting more and more dificult with every new entry!! Thanks everyone for the nice pics and good luck for this month, very purple month it seems hehe ;)

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:D sure i can tell u a bit more about it ;)

As a hater of the Blueberry Budstructure and Groth i decided to make a Blueberry cross with some more Groth and a denser Budstructure plus trying to not loose any of the perfect aroma from this Cut ;)

So i tested it with 4 other crosspartners before i got to my Sumo even if it should have been an obvios decision, the Sumo has a absolute crazy Groth with thick Stams further it has a really unspecial Smell it just smells strongly like Weed and has big dense Green Buds.

Deffenetly it was the right choice the Blueberry adapted pretty much all of the Sumos atributes without giving up her berry fume. The Cross smells REALLY stong even thro the carbonfilter it was good noticable.

With the nose is smells dunk and strong some eratyskunky undertones when smoking is has a sweet feeling in the mouth is very light to smoke and smells great strong and has that great berry undertone , hits hard with a complex body head high which can couchlock if smoked uncautios :P

Over all i am very pleased with this genetics as it only has 2 Phenos which both deliver great weed.



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Hi friends!!



Thanks Vertox for extra info, I love it :) really Blueberry is unique and special, its BB ;)


Slimjim Very good first pic add friend, is a very productive plant and well cultivated, are we can provide some extra info on it? 

Good luck in the contest!
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more about my church, grown in coco 20 ltr air pot, feed on PF

short flowering during veg and flower, as seedling on formulex,

picture is last week of flower and was harvested after 65 days

93 g yeild when put in jars, i think the colours were caused by a

deficency and not cold

only other time i been near this yield was 2 GH cheese in NFT

196 grams


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That colour is just perfect before harvest, Jim! You can see she got rid of the unwanted salts and nutes stored in the leafs, and maybe even a it of cooler air she got! Enjoy my friend!

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