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4xKalashnikova auto HPS250w

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Box is 80x80x160

hps 250w dualspektrum

Fans in 100mm vents

       out 125mm vents coco carbon filter prima clima

       box fan 30cm

4 x 12l soil(cca 15% perlit)

watering tap water ph 6.5

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Quick update!

I make flush on my babys and they feeling great.i would fully recommend flush, first i flushed only one bat when i saw how she acepted i flush two more... she was the smallest one and in one day after flusg she filled nice and strech a littel bit..

Goodby my collegus faremrs!!


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This is photo of plant with low stress trening... she is got a few buds more and is a little bit in front in flowering unlike other one(photo in last topic) without any trening...


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Coming on very nicely :D

Hope the missus doesn't mind you using the shower ;)

I'll be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

Have a good grow.

Peace brother


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hey Mr.Greenspoon at first i tought i ll flush once somowere auboth 10-15 days before harvest but then i was flush only one and when i saw her after 5-6 hour she look so happy :))))

Then i decide flush two more, and now i am little bit sad cause of the last one i didn t flush...

so after i saw how they acepted flush i think for next grow is 2 minimum...

LST is allways gonna be on all my next plants...

Hey man i wish you luck and keep them green!

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Hi man, nice little journal already around here :) The ladies lloook god with a good training and it seems to work god so far ;)


Have a good grow thanks for opening a journal i'll stick around to follow and move it to the correct place ;)

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Your ladies are looking sweet&your set up is nice I like your fan&is that a humidifier in the middle because that mite be the little bit ov damage to the leaves its happened to me before really goid start I will be watching

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Hi man thanks for stoping and comment.

Yes that is humidifier snd i had trobules with yellows leavs do you think its casue of that?

Nice meeting you.

Chill hard & keep it green!!!

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When my humidifier was in the middle like yours yes I did get yellow on leaves on tip ov leaves like yours best thing turn your plants and if it happens again on the leaves it probably is that I put mine just above on a stool or put a little fan near humidifier so it spreads it out a bit instead off soaking the leave to much&with the light on top this seems to happen I hope this help I learn something everyday about growing thats why we luv it peace to you

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Hey hunters!!!

Day 38.

After flush they deserve some nutricions so they get AN mother earth bloom 3ml and AN bud candy 3ml in 1.5l water ph6.5 per plant(2 plants today 2 plants tomorrow, after i try flush on first plant i mix my watering schedule, but never mind i have time & <3 to take care of them)...


Nicc i dont use humidifire any more...

Humidity at day 40%

                night 50%

Temp at day 26C

           night 20C


Stay high & keep it green!!!

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nice development man keeping that nice bushy strucuture ith few tops pointing out :)


Thanks for the news keep them coming ;)

Have a good grow

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Hi hunters!!

Day 44

Everything go fine they strech a little bit, now 3 of them have more then 60 and last one is 10 cm shorter...

The most advenced begin to whiten  :queen:





Chill hard!

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Tnx man, nice to hear that from you,

i was read your journal awsome job you did with russians, i was said casue there was no pics but never mind...

keep it green!!!

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