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Portable Vaporizer

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Hi all,

I'm buying a portable vaporizer, and come to 2 finalists ... or you can advise, if there is any better choice :)




I really like Snoop's version of a vaporizer :) ... but found good reviewa about Atmos.

Oh, and I'll be vaping dry herbs :)


Thanks and enjoy!



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I'm quite interested in getting a vape as well.

For portable, i have 3 contenders remaining: i had nice links for you but i am not (yet) allowed to post them, so you'll need to google them i'm afraid


- Pinnacle pro with watertool... Makes this portable unique and i want it :)

- Or, what is said to have the best taste for a handheld atm: the Ascent from davincind

- third, but still contending , The arrizer solo:


All of these are around the 200 Euro mark...  if anyone has fisrt hand exp. with any of these 3 (or another worth mentioning) then please share :)

Hope this gives the OP a few more options.


Search youtube for some live tests of some vapes, and even a roundup by user 'vapefiend' 

i.e. best handheld vape of 2014 vapefiend  (a search like that should result in some fun to watch tests ;))


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I was recommended to get the pinnacle pro by a few friends, but have yet to try one out.

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atmos its the best man, snoop vap its micro so thats nice but atmos rocks, on snoop vap u pay for the snoop dogg brand, a keychan and stuff, on atmos u pay for a quality vap

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look man the lunch box its super tiny and easy to take to all places but the cleaning process its a shame, go for the atmos man the midnight black its sweet, one of the best micro vap now on the market

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well Atmos is older and i've heard a loot of good thing as well about it it's a sure bet, but i've been reading some good things about the snoop pen as well, it's pretty new but i think it is mainly to smoke herb no?

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I got snoop's g-pen and I am very happy with it for that price however chamber is a bit small, so as far as I know micro g is even smaller. 

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