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Mixing LED and HPS

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Morning all!

I'm after some advice guys...

I'm currently using 2 600w HPS lights in a 2mx2mx2m tent and I'm looking to add more light, I've got pretty good ventilation but can still have some heat issues in the summer so I don't really want to add more HPS light.

I've been doing some research into LEDs and was thinking of adding a Helios pro 6 450w, I've seen a few grows on YouTube that looked impressive but they were just LEDs and not a mix of both LED and HPS.

So has anyone any information or advice they can offer me?

Many thanks :)


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hi hps + led its the best, actualy u can use ur led on top of ur grow like a usual reflector and use the hps verticaly no reflector hanging out with 5 or 6 plants around each hps  so u give light to all the parts of the plants, u just have to move the ladys every couple of days

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Hey luuucho thanks for the advise bro, I'm 99% sure I'm gonna get a 450w led and run it with the 2 hps but just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to waste £450 or muck up the system I've already got

Thanks again man

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not waste at all, wavelength of the agro leds now in the market are amazing for cannabis + hps u get more production more resin everything and the advantage of maintain the same temperature.

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Helios pro are a COB (circuit on board) LED light, not so long ago they were reffered to as Intergrated array matrix LED.


They are  an array matrix of  3W Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD) and were first brought to the market by Benq.


Since then there have been quite a number of other manufacturers including Hydrogrowleds SOL  COB LED lamp, which I have seen good results.


Currently I am liking the E-shine "Growsun" COB light wich had various light selections for seed , veg and bloom with built in timer and is dimmable & programable.


I am currently running two E-shine LED and get good results and never had a problem with them!


One of the upsides to using LED with HPS is the ability of LED to fill out the spectrum, which promotes more lush growth.


COB chips quite often have  7 band full spectrum  COB's though some do differ.


It is still taking a while for COB LED to be common place but more are coming to market all the time through resellers.


Although they are much more common than they were two years ago when I first posted about them, saying I think these are the LED lights of the future. ;)


One COB LED I recently saw is "The Big Eye" LED grow light which has 10 bands and massive lenses, not seen a grow by them yet.


For the moment I am still liking the look Of the Growsun LED, apart from the great features it has as a light, it also has a LCD display and remote control.


Be sure to have a look round and let us know what you are going to get, I think in the near future we will be seeing alot more COB's in grows.


I love me some LED action and will go grab me a chair for the grow :D


Happy gorwing and lots of pics of the LED in action


Peace bro


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Hey Lams thanks for all the info man, you certainly know your LEDs bro :)

I did read your post last night but I was far too baked to take any of it in so I've just had another read lol

The E shine LEDs look a nice piece of kit and the remote control is a nice touch. It's definitely on my short list.

Now you'll have to excuse my stupidity but am I right in thinking that the 450w Helios pro 6 has an actual draw of 600w?

You also mentioned "The Big Eye" has 10 bands, I saw a light on E shine that has 12!!! I've also read on another site (http://www.ledhydroponics.co.uk/HOME.aspx) that anything more than 7 - 9 is a waste of time and a sales gimmick, it's all getting too confusing for me lol :)

Anyway bro I'll keep on researching and I'll be sure to keep you updated, 1 things for sure I won't be buying anything without you approval! :)

Thanks again man you're doing a great job

Peace bro


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I'll start with the Helios 450W pro.

This light has 6 COB modules.

Each module has an array which is 5 x 5 = 25 LED's

The module has 25 x 3W LED's = 75W

Six modules x 75W = 450W This is why this light is rated in the advert as 450W.

This one of the most contentious ways of rating LED lights, What you actually want to know is the actual power draw.

Actual power draw is the amount of energy used by the LED's.

LED's are not powered at thier full potential ie 3W because if they were they would burn out in no time.

So LED chips are often powered @ 2/3 (2 thirds) of there maximum potential.

In the case of each COB modul in the Helios, each module has a maximum potential of 75W but are actually run @ 50W per COB module.

This makes the Actual draw of this LED light 300W.


Sorry I forgot to mention how many bands the E-shine has.


Number of bands? I have read the same as you, intially this was a few years ago and was an opinion of one guy on a LED review website. Just had a look for it but can't find it.

I run two 11 band lights and get good results, I also have recently purchased a 5 band light.

If I read a scholarly article which says how many bands is best, I will read it and judge it on it's merits.

I don't want to just read advice like that from a seller of lights, who is biased towards thier products number of bands.

For the moment you can only look at grows by a light and see if it produces.

My E-shine 11 band are exactly the same as AdvancedGrow LED diamond Series 11 band (originally both companies worked together on this light and later parted company)

I bought my E-shine  light due to seeing what it could grow in videos by a guy called bombychron42 on youtube.

LED lights can be confusing, it takes a while to get your head round it.

Sometimes someone has to take a risk by buying a LED and share thier results on the interweb, I will google the name of a LED light and add the word "Grow" or "Harvest" eg google "Helios Pro 450W grow" and have a look at grow journals using the model you are googling and also do the same searches on youtube.


The "Big Eye" was something I saw when looking around Chinese suppliers, I like to check out what is up and coming and the Chineses sites like DHgate & Aliexpress have whats just come out in China.

I am now Seeing the "Big Eye" on Ebay so we should start seeing grows using it. It looks a nice piece of kit, but as yet has no track record. It is one to watch.

Would I buy a "Big Eye" ? I did seriously consider it, direct from the manufactuer it wasn't alot but I ended up buying a different light.

I also very nearly bought the E-shine Growsun and would have if I had just alittle more cash to spare, that was just before Christmas so money was a little tight.


Keep us posted on what LED you looking @ I'll be sure to take a look and answer any questions you have.


Peace bro


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Hey Lams thanks for all the info I'm slowly starting to get my head around LEDs, i gather the amount of lumens an led has doesn't mean jack and it's all about lux?

I've had a look at the Chinese sites you mentioned and I can't believe how much cheaper it is compared to what I was looking at so I don't think I'll be rushing into buying a Helios pro 6 from the site I mentioned in an earlier post, ( thanks bro you saved me a few quid there ):)

I also had a look at the "big eye" and that looks a great bit of kit with good specs and half the price of the Helios, so much cheaper that I could buy 2 and still have change... Now that's a win win situation in anyone's book!

That means I could run 2 x 400w big eye LEDs with 2 x 600w hps now that should give me plenty of light :)

I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get them because like you said sometimes we've gotta take a few risks or we'll never know!

Thanks again Bro for all your help :)

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A few words Animal before you buy.

When ordering from China you need to be aware that there will most probably be import duty and in UK VAT (Value added tax) payable.

Having said this it may be possible for the the Chinese company to state it cost less than it did and then the tax would be less.

If something were to go wrong,even under garuntee the time it take to go back get repaired and come back may take some time.

Also, even if the price is good maybe buy just one light if you don't know how good it is and then if you like it you can order another.

Buying direct can be a good thing and save money just as long as you know there maybe the odd hiccup.

Now I have said this if you want to buy the light, I will be waiting to see it ;)

Peace bro


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All good points Lams,

I've seen 2 different listings on eBay by the same seller, 1 listing is a international listing in dollars which states there could be vat and import charges, the second is a uk listing with a quicker delivery time and no mention of any extra charges, it's also the more expensive 1 at £199 free postage, the other works out at £165 + £20 postage

Am I right in thinking that the uk listing has included and vat and import duty?

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Uk seller will have paid Uk duty and Vat should be included, But always check for your self.

EX VAT is the a price not including VAT.

INC VAT is the price including VAT.

If Vat hasn't been added in the advert it deffinately will at the check out.

You can send me the link and I'll have a look if you like.



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Hey Lams the listings seem to be a bit misleading, if I look at the listing through the eBay app on my iPad it says absolutely nothing about any extra charges but looking at eBay on laptop all listings say there could be extra charges,

I'll post both links I found on main eBay site...



The second link is the same add as iPad app add but states there could be charges

I've also seen some other sites selling the big eye 400w led for anything from $500 - $850 which has got me wondering if the cheaper options are knock off copies or the expensive ones are just way to over priced!

I'm definitely keen on trying one of these lights and if I have to pay vat and import duty then so be it, how much do you think these charges would be?

As always I greatly appreciate your help my friend,

Speak soon bro!


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I had a look animal.

One add was aimed at the UK specifically and was priced in £GBP (Great British Pounds) this had free delivery.

The other was in $AUD (Australian Dollars) and had added delivery charge. this ad also had approximate £GBP conversion, currency exchange varies all the time so this is why the conversion is approximate.

The one in $AUD worked out a little cheaper by a few pounds, but I would probably go for the £GBP priced one, you know exactly where you stand then.

Not sure if duty and taxes are paid, the company has a instant chat for questions. Unfortunately they are on spring holiday (public holiday) and are back on line to chat tomorrow Feb 9th 2014.

The company has a 98.6% possitive feed back and I don't believe they would sell knock off LED, it is just an exchange rate difference.

So if you want instant chat go to UK priced page and click the chat button and see what they say.

I hope this helps

Peace bro


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