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luuucho's adventure from CHILE

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So, i want this to be special since its my first journal here, i started growing a time ago, sorry about my english but im from southamerica, i know its not the best,  btw i start growing auto seeds then feminized seeds then i learn other cultives tecnics and stuff.

So here i am with this new adventure:  a one plant scrog under a  cfl 250 for veg then for flowering the same 250 veg + 250 HPS  under one giant reflector.



Growrooom: my shower, i use other bathroom of the house y trasnform the little shower on my bathroom in an indoor.

Size: 110 cm x 70 cm x 200 cm



Right now with my dome for clones but in other pasts cultives u can see it like this.





i have a window on top of my growroom so in the winter i dont need exctractors or stuff like that, but in the summer i need alot of stuff so now that im in summer i will pick a strain and i will vegetate that entire square in a scrog but just with one big plant on a 50 Lt pottext under a cfl of 250 W then when the winter comes i will have my full scrog ready to flower so i will add a 250 HPS + the 250 CFL use for veg one on each side of the reflector like a kiss of the lights, the heat of the HPS will maintain my T° on winter  with no need of extractor, maybe just a fan, in my country electricity its very expensive 

so with this new huge reflector i will veg with allot of pacience and love for the summer and i will flower on the winter.






so now what strain?  i have some clones of jamaican dream from eva seeds  that will feet perfect for this kind of proyect but i have my hands on this babys thanks to a grower friend 


(Afghana x Psicodelicia) x AK47       and       AK47 x AK47    all credits to   elcricri   here u guys can find the journal on how he create more than 2000 seeds in one indoor, its in spanish.


so i put some to germinate and i will see what happens, i will be posting frequently in this topic to show u guys, i know my system so i know exactly what seed its what, relax.


now i just have to wait my clones and the seeds and see what i want to scrog so get on your seats to see whats going on, meanwhile i will show u guys the feed i will use under the entire process.

For veg i use: Rukam Vegeta + Huminia + seido sometimes to control the ph of my water and this time i will test the rootbastic from ATAMI

For flowering i use: huanol + delta9 and rukamkuaja and this time i will test the BIO Bloombastic from ATAMI also 

i always use A fulhmic to improve the soil and other stuffs for N deficiencys, depends on the situation. all organic 


i will recieve any critics or advise for this journal so stay, and in a few days i will post the procces of the strains i got and what i will pick, meantime my dome for clones waits.


and of course i wait and i wait very relaxed 


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Hey Luuucho looks good mate and I'm liking the use of your shower for a grow room.. Sweet ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing these lady's grow and producing some big beautiful buds!

Oh and your English is good man so no worries there :)

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Hi luuucho :)

Looks to be a nice space and some nice kit too.

It will be nice to follow your grow and see those seeds bloom.

Have a good grow man.

Peace & smokes


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very nice start on this journal man :) Lots of infs and ncie explanation thanks for it and i hope we will see some nice ladies till the end here as well ;)


Have a good germination!

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UPDATE 9/2/14

hi guys here updating, so the weirdest thing happen to me, with a friend we cultivate autos on the summer not in indoor just outdoor on the backyard and stuff, so we use the sun of the summer, so my friend callme and this happens:

hey lucho u need to come and take the plants, i will have visitors for the rest of the summer, u know im from chile, a country were cannabis its not a tabu anymore but still illegal so, the grandmas and 

grandpas see it like the devils plant, so i say ok i will be there on 1 hour, i have to improvise my indoor or ShowerGrowRoom for this new visitors that i will have till the end of february or mid march and have 

enough space for my proyect 1 pot 1 plant 1 scrog so i made  the kiss guys, the kiss of the bulbs happens and its amazing.


this combination of cfl and hps gives the perfect wavelenght for the autos to flower perfectly + gives my proyect the advantage to grow faster, so now i will tell u guys what strain i pick, i will make my 1plant1pot1scrog with a JAMAICAN DREAM from EvaSeeds

2h34qh3.jpg  29zajqh.jpg

this little girl from here the has already been cut under the main-lining style for the scrog technice to obtain 32 colas so i will have to top her 5 times the tutorial is here.


so here is the main star of the show already on his final pot, the one has been treated with a-fulhmic for soil improvement and roottastic for radicular grow.


and u can see how i  already top the 3rd nod so the process  begins and u can see the new soon to be colas growing.


so now i will show u the friends that will join my jamaican dream, the autos that i talk about at the start 

2 purple kush the ones are going nice and every day mor fatter.

1zwddsj.jpg 91ex6u.jpg


my my so pretty so the final report for the showergrowroom its all good strain already pick and some lady friends that will be joining my jamaican till harvest the indoor now looks like this 


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hehe laways nice to have some new company in the room ;) i hope they will finish good and withtou trouble for your friend, and for sure HPS + CFL is a very nice mix i have used this for 2 3 years and the girls always loved it ;)


Have a good grow man thanks for the news

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Your shower look like a nice friendly place for plants to meet ;)

At last a main lining grow, this is what I have been waiting for, I posted the same main lining info as your link here in the forums.

For some reason just saying the words  "main lining" has some people some  people almost throwing a fit, I have no idea why apart from it has some similarities with certain scrog techniques.

Main lining is not a scrog techniques but a multiple cola of equal size technique coming from a central manifold.

I am really excited to see someone using this method of growing here in the forums, I got my chair pulled up and will be taking notes , thanks for sharing with us :D

I have seen some amazing beautiful grow using main lining and wish you every sucess!

It is  something I intend trying later in the year ;)

Peace brother


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thanks lambs, exactly like u said its not a scrog technique, main lining its a technique where u top to get lots  of colas at the same line of the main branch so the colas grow evenly, but its suits perfect for scrog

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Update 18/2/14

well i will post some pictures so u guys can see the advance, remember the topping?


well with lots of patience and using the main-lining style now its like this, actually i have 2 colas the ones i will top again but in a few days, so i use those cuts to make some clones, look the advance.



and another view, u can see the main line.


like i said in the beginning lots of patience and good vegi feed see u guys on another update, this plant looks sweet.

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thanks for the news man seems she has reacted pretty nicelly to it so far, she should start to boost a little in the growth now hopefully :)


Have a good grow!

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UPDATE 4/3/14

hi guys, sorry for the delay but i was with alot of things, here updating again do you remember my mainlining technique, 2 colas last time, right? well topped and cloned, now 4 new colas the ones in some time will be 8, not bad right? oh and a cloning of a landrace from chile i call this one Chilean Mistyque, really sativa and an euforic high grows like something from other world, super mint and citrus together.


2 COLAS? (check the clone on the back an compare with final photo)


4 COLAS :) 



Now meet the Chilean mystique and compare with first picture :) 1 month of cloning process all rootup beging for a new container. 


all super nice, nice and healthy plants the purples in the dryroom and waiting, cya

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UPDATE 3/5/14

Hi Guys, first of all 1000 sorrys for the delay of the journal, but im studying on the university and between test and other stuff my time was little short, now that my country gave a long weekend i will update the complete vegi process of my plant first of all, the las time i remember was the update on 4/3/14 and the plant was like this with 4 colas.


well i let it grow and i top again to obtain 8 colas 


then topped again to 16 colas 


frome here the grow was really dificult to handle so iknew a will be need a scrog table only for support




from here this little lady became a monster :)



btw this is my scrog table i use it for support, its made from aluminium so its super light 


and the proccess begin 


also i buy a led to support the grow the one i will use later for a mother that i have in mind 



adn guys let me tell u, the led works great from here on u will see pictures of the advance with the led till today 







and finally a close up of the main fold



now guys i think that in aprox 20 days i will switch to flora have de phosporus and delta9 ready for it and i will use bio bloombastic in the final phase also, so tell me what u guys think, in my opinion topping so many time makes the vegi procces really long, but the yield i expect to obtain of one plant should be massive. many thanks to all and i will put some more pictures in the flora time cya to all and good somkes.

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looking good and healthy on the last pics m8 good luck,  the mainlining will seriously hinder the growth of the plant as you noticed, and it seems very counter intuitive in every way to get good yield in short time and really goes against everything humans have ever learned about plants,  its not my opinion but cold hard studied science.

you can simply top/pinch it multiple times and/or bend it and leave the growth alone that collects the energy (no leafs=no energy from light) and it will have those 32 colas in half the time or even faster, the plant uses/needs the leaves to grow and that is what we want.  more the leaves it has the faster it grows and gets bigger faster to be flowered vs plant that has been stripped of all leafs multiple times


not much veg left and it will fill the space in flower, good luck and keep your leafs on:)

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Well good to see the girl has been growing nicely during your long absence :P;) 


Studies first man no worries for this, as long as we have some little porn from time to time hehe ;)

Have a good grow she looks nice!

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hi guys, i was waiting for the buds  to show you some pictures of the flowering period, so u can really see the change.

15 days before flowering i use foliar delta9 


12-12 fotoperiod from now on, and i  use delta9 again


10 days of flowering i change my feed to flora, i will use in the entire process Plagron Alga Bloom

2prv69t.jpg 1wv7l.jpg

20 days of flowering 

2wps09w.jpg 2r425j8.jpg

30 days of flowering i use delta9 on soil this time

2wc3d03.jpg 3538ef6.jpg

and 37 days of flowering = 5 weeks

307ywyr.jpg 20f7y9c.jpg

open to sugestions and questions see u at harvest :)

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It has a very good friend pint fatten sure by now a lot and get a very good production. 


They are beautiful buds graqcias for sharing! 



Greetings! :)

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Thanks for sharing your flowering baby man ;) she sure looks like she is making some nice buds ;) Did you give her only the delta 9 during all the flowering?


Have a good grow ;)

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Thanks for sharing your flowering baby man ;) she sure looks like she is making some nice buds ;) Did you give her only the delta 9 during all the flowering?


Have a good grow ;)

delta9 only in the especified days, during all flowering i use plagron alga bloom 

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