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introducing myself

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Hello Strain Hunters,

I would like to introduce myself my name is navaroxx.

I have been growing indoor and outdoor for 7 years now.

Throughout the years i have grown a wide variety of strains from different seedbanks including a lot from GHS.

unfortunately i have never tried any seeds from the new Strain Hunters seedbank yet which i soon hope to change.

while reading on the forum i learned of the Cup being held so i decide to join and register for the cup.

I am looking forward to show my style of growing which i have developed during the past years.

I will also be showcasing some very special strains i crossed with a friend of mine so stay tuned and keep em green!



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Welcome on SH forum man!


I hoep you will enjoy the place and all the diaries and discussions made by our members :) In 7 years yo must have made some nice plants! You have any pics of those past grow? a good bud porn is always appreciated around here ;) ;) So if you have any content you wish to share, or question, or trick to teach us don't hesitate to open a thread and say what you think.

If you have aproblem on the forum during your stay don't hesitate to ask the mod team as well we'll do our best to help you out ;)


Have a good discovering of the place, and for the cup it should take place this year as well, so stick around and you'll know when it happens ;)


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Welcome to the SH forum Navaroxx :)

Be sure to check out your growing style, I wait for your journal ;)

Also looking forward to seeing some nice crosses, never  tried breeding my self , but love to see what other people have come up with.

Good to have you on board :D The forum is a nice friendly place I'm usre you'll meet some great members and have a look at thier grows too.

Like Dust said , you need any help around the forums , we'll be there ;)

Peace brother


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