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Started as Scrog

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So this was my run of 3 Kosher Kush that I was going to Scrog. Started 6 but only 3 were hardy and with the scrog being 4x4ft, 6 would be too many.  All was going well until I found I am very allergic to flowering plants, go figure, this started last grow but I was in denial and lived with it, well, that boats passed.  Major allergy attack so I figure I would just remove the scrog and run normal and play with them less. They are  3 days into week 9. I don't plan on growing this again as the stalkes are thin and just about everyone of them needs staked up. without further info, here they are.  I have been flushing them for a week.




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hi man thanks for sharing your grow with us! Kosher kush is a good smoke for sure, and the ladies look pretty good with nice buds formation. I have read before about ffew people being more sensitive to the flowering plants, after all cannabis is from the same family as nettle so maybe you are more sensitive to some of the component they have in common :)  did you run some proper test to se wha could be causing the allrgy if it's plant matter or more in the resin as it comes in flowering?


anyways have a good grow man for me they cn take another 2 week at least but i like my plant mature ;)

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Thanks Dust,

They were going strong in the scrog until right before flower then I had to remove the netting because the scrog needs that extra moving around and training stuff on an ongoing basis. I did find out how to scrog and it was lots of fun. I need to figure out how to get this allergy crap under control. Seems like I am allergic to flowering and plant matter, however not allergic to medicating! 

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all good around here thanks for the pics man they are looking nice and it seems the buds are fattenig up nicely


Have a good grow

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I have noticed that the Kosher Kush feminized  must have been stressed in the grow and grew some seeds, not a lot, just about 40 seeds. Would these seeds be feminized coming from a feminized plant that was stressed?

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yes they should be feminized

and no dust its not in the same family with nettles that is old classification system from the 80's that never seems to die off, they have about as much common with figs or a strawberry :D   nettles belong to urticaceae family, cannabis is part of small family cannabaceae that has hops, hackberries and cannabis


have you done a skin allergy test with the resin alone? its not that uncommon to be allergic but you might wanto test separately if you are getting the symptoms from the pollen and not the resin or both? the pollen can be very irritating

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As far as a skin allergy test, if you mean when I rub against it my skin breaks out then yes, it does break out. My sinuses instantly are affected and my eyes burn. In recent past grows, I've never had any male pollination and I was still allergic. However this only began about a year ago. Kind of strange but I guess sometimes  people just get allergies.  I find a way to suffer thru it but man is it a brutal time! :fie:

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