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Hi new here


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Hi all

Working on my 4th grow Pineapple chunk this time. I have only 2 going and they are differant phenos 4 sure 1 is lanky other short and bushy.

They are in day 46 flowering have nice buds cant wait

I have noticed some leaves getting browm spots on them dont really know if its to much nutes or another issue going to flush tonight I think.

Anyone with some ideas on whats going on would love the advise

Thanks and STAY GREEN





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The Problem could be one or a combination of the following deficiencies: Boron, Calcium, Potassium, or Nitrogen. But not necessarily because these minerals aren't in your water or in your nutes or in your soil. Rather, most likely your plant is unable to take-up the minerals that are already available because the pH of the soil is incorrect. First measure the pH of your soil or run-off waste water. Then adjust the pH of the feeding water to adjust the pH of the soil to the desired pH range. This should unlock the minerals for the plant. Mild fluctuations above and below the target pH can help a plant to take-up varying minerals over time. Trusted target pH values are 5.8 for hydro and 6.2 for soil.

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welcome on the forum man,


I don't really see correctly the troubles on your leaves a little close up of the marks would help ;)


but they don't look too bad it must be a minor problem , let's hope we'll find it but they are not really far from the end and should not worry too much until the harvest ;)

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Hi Dust yeah some of the leaves was getting some brown on them so I flushed real good couple days ago andhav not seen any more getting brown and buds are getting bigger real quick like.

The girls are sleeping now will update the pics and try to zoom in for you


thanks for looking out

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thanks vertox

just giving plain h2o with a snip of  molasses the rest of the way (thinking 3-4 weeks)

I was also thinking my timer has a blue light on it and was inside tent maybe that kinda kept or restarted a reveg?

I moved it outside the grow area a couple weeks ago

Should I trim off the excess leaves from buds now or wait for harvest ?

will upload some more pics when they wake up 4sure


thanks  stay green

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heres some pics from today

this is only the 1 plant other a runt but starting to fil out quick

thinking pineapple chunck is good for scrog as i only fimmed and did some light lsting and spread it out by tying down

Kinda a newbee this is my 4th ever grow

having alot of fun and like to learn more


I use fox farm ocean forest

all their nutes and schedule (messed up on flushing with lthis grow)

4x4 tent

600 watt air cooled hps/mh bought it in 2 weeks of flower had used cfl's

gotta run a heater as it's cold at night

keep temps at 75-79 degree at day and been cooling to 59-65 degree at night during flowering

I still gotta be more aware of ph and not over feed

all in all this is best grow for me out of the other 3

thinking next grow will be 6 and will start a journal with pics looking for advice 4sure







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pineapple chunk noway a 65 day flower

this gir (inwich I call brucezilla is still growing pistols no problems like to get as big as it can

double darn near in last week hairs are staight up so gotts think atleast 3-4 more weeks

just ordered my GH moneymaker and big bang

next grow i will try to do a journal onum would be cool

peace out and stay green




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thanks jose

yeah buds are hard smells great getting close cant wait to be ready to toke :) (im a poet didnt even now it)  :)

the pineapple chunk does not really act as if it stable genes yet having 2 plants that grew 100% differant. but are bulking up 4sure

thats why i went with some old school big bang and money maker cant wait to gettem and start a new grow soon



stay green!

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thanks for updates man i agree with Jose, of course it's a pain in the ass to trim when you have lots of leaves like this, and like Vertow said it can be caused by a little too much nitrogen, but some strains also just do it naturally, and it never means it is a bad smoke, just that you will make more hash with it hahaha ;)


Have a good end of grow and smoke man

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Hi all

day 63 and thinking like 21 more days as the pistols are white and only a few are slightly turning in and color (hard to see with the light on )

barneys farm states this is a 55=

60 flower I have searched web and seen others saying 100 day plus

think they are right

waiting for my money maker and big bang seeds so no problem with xtra time on flowering as the buds have got big since i did the flush and watched out on ph


will update as the days are getting close

i was seeing on internet most peps dont let the plant finish and crop to fast i'm gonna let this and other pc i have run the course

getting hard to do as the smell is great but "i think i can i think ican"

peace out and stay green!

wanna thank you guys for the advice as it is great!



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i'm sorry as this is not the right place for a journal but thought almost done with my 4th grow grow ever and wanto to show my girls off

bc pineapple chunck started flowering on xmas 13

no way a fast strain as they say but buds are great

thinking 2more weeks as white hairs are stiil sticking out

will  bc pc turn brown or is it a stay white?

hard to tell with these pics cause light but not alot only few  brown flowers 10-20% max anybody with ideas or grown before?

Stay green





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