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Grow House ideas and a brief reintroduction.


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Hello everyone ive been out of my favorite forum for quite a while, I took my chances traveling fixing my guatemalan papers and got caught up in my backpacking so ive decided to settle in this magnificent place called Guatemala, also called the country of eternal spring. Guys the weather here is beautiful. Not to hot not to cold, fresh mountain mist all year round.  For those of you who enjoy traveling, this place i have to say is truely incredible, ITS OUTDOOR GROW  SEASON ALL YEAR ROUND! now,  ive been out of the page since 2012 but ive been growing since i opened this profile. i never stopped. i threw seeds here in Guatemala, traveled back to Miami threw more seeds and came back just before harvest time and then back to the other ones, wow! its been a hell of a couple of years and great experiences on the learning scale. now, its time to go pro and im choosing indoors. 

where do i start is the question, the house is a 3 bedroom house. away from neighbors with very thick walls and its just a house on an old street that looks wrecked on the outside, the inside is intact. dimensions i dont know yet, but ill keep this post open and i will need all the help i can get bredrens. i would love to see this project in action and most of all i would love to have the opportunity to share this with everyone, if God wants ill be securing the location tomorrow. ill try to have measures up and a follow up of the progress. As of now, im in the budget planning and equipment gathering honestly, any tips on where and how to purchase the equipement as far as lights, filters (any homemade trick is a plus on money saving), nutes, soil, testers, timers, hydroponics equipment whatever guys ill highly appreciate it.

Well guys thank you for reading this, ill be back tommorow with the follow up, hope you all have a great night, morning, dusk, dawn wherever you are. Peace!

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hi man welcome back :) sounds like you had some good time during that bagpacking adventure :) I'd love to do the same and probably will someday but not now it is not the good time :) maybe with my kid when i'll have one later it is a great adventure for a children's mind!


anyways! For your room it will depends on  a lot of factors, where will it be? legel or illegal? ^^ if in guatemala i guess illegal, how is electricity instalation over there? you have nice stables instalation or you will need a generator?

And how much plant will you want in what m² :) All this will be needed to give you the best tips :) Hydro will of course give you better yeilds and faster, but maybe a little more work and maintenance to keep all the hydro system always 100% clean and secure, soil or coco would allow a little more mistakes with dripper system or things like this. but like i said we need to more on location and the goal you want to reach :)


Have a good day man

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