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How to add pics in post / thread

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Hi friends, 



Let's see  how to up a pic or pics to a forum post or thread, very very easily ;)



Step 1: Create the post / thread, we write what we want and when we want to upload a photo we give the button "Choose Files ..."





Step 2: We will open a popup window with a browser, look for the photo and select (1) and then give you a store (2)





Step 3: The picture is uploaded to the forum, you can see the progress at the bottom of the post box. When loaded, we give the button "Add to Post" as shown in the picture





Step 4: You will see that the image is in the post you included in text. It is normal and indicates that all is well





Step 5: When you post or you publiquéis bear to preview the image or images will display correctly :)






Ready! :) We already have our picture or pictures uploaded in the post / thread very easily

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hi Robbo

site Allowed : gif, png, jpg, jpeg, tiff


but if u open ur picture on ur pc and select save as most photo edit programs can save it as one of the aforementioned file types

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Yes, you can convert your photos to any format. Moreover, it can reduce the weight of the picture is very positive, takes less time to upload on the forum :) 

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BMP files are very heavy, slows the operation of the forum and uploading files.


You can convert your files BmpA JPG, TIF, GIF, etc .... they are much lighter formats, low weight and good quality.


Greetings! :)

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I Use Phosothop, but Can use too Gimp, Paint, etc....   All programs are good processing :)



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Hi friends, and how to add video to youtube?

Hi mate, 


Only copy and paste the URL and forum take the video automatically   :)




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On 13/11/2014 at 4:51 PM, #Robbo#420# said:

You should update website to upload bmp file be much easier

Why you find esier?...jpeg takes less mb to do same pic, so i guess bmp would be slower, more dificult...You can esaely change the photo type of file.Open your image and "save as..." choose jpeg, and you have the same pic being jpeg, the most common type for pics uploads ;)

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There may be another reason that you cannot upload.  But this Reason will normally not affect any new member.  If you have been a very active member and you have been uploading hundreds of pictures, it could be that you have exceeded your allotted maximum storage space on the StrainHunter's Server.


It has been my experience that if you DO exceed the maximum storage space allotted to you, you will NOT receive any warning.  Rather, the Image-Upload-Tool (the Paperclip-Symbol) will simply disappear from your Text-Editor.


Here is how to check how much space is allotted to you, and to see whether you have exceeded that allotment:

1.  At the top-right of nearly any Forum page, find your AvatarName next to the Notification Bell.  Click on your AvatarName.

2.  That will open a drop-down menu.  Click on "My Attachments".

3.  On this page you can see a bar representing the maximum storage space alloted to you, and the space still available to you.


If you determine that you need more free-space for future journals, PLEASE DO NOT simply begin to delete images directly from the list below the Allotment Bar.  If you do this, then your postings that used those images will simply lose those images, and the result will be that the threads that you had posted into will become senseless.  It will cause your affecting Postings to seem as if you are talking about pictures that are not visible or that you didn't know how to upload pictures.


A better solution is that you could Message "Admin" and request that more space be allotted to you, but I cannot promise that your request will be granted.  Otherwise, your next choice would be to explore your oldest Topics that contain images, and if you determine that the Thread is no longer important, no longer relevant, you can request a Moderator to delete the entire Thread.  Only Moderators and higher Staffers can delete entire Threads. 


After the Thread has been deleted, NOW you can return to "My Atachments" and review your List of Images to find those "unused, unassigned" images and delete them without destroying the flow of the Threads.  Only then will your space become available for future uploads.


Another solution, if you do not want to delete the images stored on the StrainHunters Server, is to use the method outlined by our friend "Fuzzy" as seen here:


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