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SPANNABIS 2014 LIVE !! 14,15 & 16 March

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Amazing..Dabs are something i still have to try out. Those Chillum smokers bring back memories of the 70ies when that was the main way to smoke..sometimes inside a coconut with water. There was a time where you could not buy glass bongs everywhere ...lol

That weed looks dank. What's it cheese ?

Anyway thanks for this nice update, good to see Simon again. 

Next mission must be around the corner it seems ? We'll see

Free THC 

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Thanks friends for enjoying photos, for your comments and encouragement  :) 


Thanks to all of you passed by the stand of Green House or the Strain Hunters Club in downtown barcelona a pleasure to greet you all and enjoy your amazing company!!


Problems with me computer now, I will shortly put some pictures of the last day of Spannabis ;)  Im working to rapair my "potato pc" lol




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Thanks for sharing those Spannabis pics, lots of gear to produce and harvest tonnes of top buds...

But I am missing the star of the day...Could not see any MJ strain growing...

If laws and those making them were less silly Green House Seed display would look very different, i guess more Alive, less empty...

Not that it looks bad, nice buds on those posters! Nice prop with the land rover... :cool:

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Thanks for coments and pics (nice pics bro!) ;)


this is one of my favoritemagic in the moment ...





Remember Galeno?


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lol Jose.gh like strainhunter videos aren't burnt into every stoners memory like cheech and chong was 20 years ago :D hope i am able to catch next event :D  :smoke:  :asciidity:

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Hi friends, 



Yes, it was a great event. Many people and much good smoke lol 


I remember when I made ​​that video, here in Spain, we call it "making a submarine" lol


Of course, we know they will love them at the next Spannabis or in Irun, next September :) 




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hahah amazing video in the car with Simon, how could i miss it ;)


Very nice photos guys thanks a lot, I've been watching them before but didnt take time to say it :D Now done

Big Thanks to Loulou for the beautiful pictures, Mr.X has to be careful :P

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