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french mango

white rhino 1ere grow en hydro 600w mh and hps

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hello this is my first hydro crop powerfeeding and I will return is unknown France

3 veiled jai white rhino seeds in greenhouse
1 seed pakistan valley
hydro system logs dargiles atami
600w mh growth
600hps flowering
hygrometry 30% light and 40 to 50 hours
23 to 25 degrees in the light and 15 to 18 hours
jai use root riot for germination 4 of 4
fertilizer powerfeeding MOST indica
and its all in one spot making by myself 1.50 m 1.50 m 2 m
awing reflector adjust the avenger I put you two big picture of my small

here is if you-have false peace issues not hesitate friends to the community


photo 1 whithe rhino

photo 2 pakistan valley



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Hi friend, 


These outbreaks are very healthy, in hydro everything works great, good growth and great production, but you must control the humidity much in bloom, to avoid mold :)

We will be attentive to their culture, waiting to be fruitful and to your liking :) 
thanks for sharing photos and knowledge!
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thank you man my problem with power feed in France its not exist and therefore no person uses I am alone in the world and I do not speak English but do jaime experience and for the moment everything is fine except my hygrometry.

what is the best brand culture chamber jai not to trust too that I bought here in France if you know of good Dutch growshops please let me know thank you to all

my space culture has 6 years I build it myself and I'd like a true big box or there til opportunities on the forum thank you
peace to all

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Your English is good your set up is sweat its so nice to see a new set up just being used I would keep a eye on humidity so many people dont keep an eye on there humidity and have mold problems and the thing with mold you cannot see it and then you go in your grow area and find a black patch on top off your main bud I try and keep my humidity at 40 50 % lights off&lights on 60 70 in grow but ln flower 50 65% lights on and 50% lights off not sure how others do it but I dont have problems it has not got to be precise give or take a few % I hope this helps nice start peace to you so many new grows

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hi man! Thanks for sharing your journal with us it is looking clean with a nice stup and so far some vigorous ladies! For your little troubles on the leaves, do you spray when the lights are on? the way the dots are positioned is strange for a feeding problem, it could be but i think i saw some pics with water drops on the leaves so i came to think maybe you spray during the light cycle, if yes, then you should stop and spray them when the light goes off, the water drop can cause some light burns if the light is a little close and strong enough so with your 600w it would probably do it.


But they still look good and grow at good rate it seems!

Have a good grow man keep us updated

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Thanks for sharing friend!! :)


They look very nice :) grow apace. For mequeñas insect bites, good spray with neem acite. It is 100% organic and effective


I take site to see the evolution!



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Everything looks sweat with the ec you could talk about it all day just do what your doing because your ladies look happy is that tin foil because you got it flat peace to you

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