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Hi i heard about moonlight affecting flowwer cycle, but to be honest i think it is bs, as i doubt it reflects enough of the spectrum plant uses if any at all.

someone else might know more about it :)

my 2 cent

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Hey man I heard about it too dint think to much of it till recently just noticed how bright the moon can be when its 2/3rds full with no clouds it can be bright so it got me thinking again will have to do some research into it thanks man peace out

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well according to the studies the moon affects our plant in a lot of cases, but i'm not sure that the light it emites is one of those cases. It could be for sure but i don't have those infos myself sorry ^^


check on the forum we have many threads about the moon calendars and there effects on plants ;)

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The moon is never a problem, nor indoor growing and outdoor cultivation. Ha and tricks to take advantage of the moon, when the moon is up, the plant uses its energy to fatten the top, or grow more fat buds, the full moon is amazing to fatten buds (a big growth spurt). When the moon is waning, the plant focuses its energy on the development no visible roots, etc .... 


The moon has always been used in agriculture for thousands of years! 




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I read somewhere that its not the light that it emits that effects the plants but rather the gravitational force that effects the ladies. Lol I may be completely wrong.



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So if the moon dose good things is there not a bulb that matches the spectrum of the moon that you could put on for when they are sleeping to do the same as the moon peace

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